"The Krewe the St. Andrew is throw its biggest party yet, with more members, an ext floats, much more than 1 million beads and more music" || News Herald / PanamaCity.com​



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The St. Andrew Mardi Gras had actually its beginnings in 1997, when Bay County’s very first Mardi Gras Krewe, the Krewe that Dominique Youx, approached the ar of St. Andrews v the idea the relocating its yearly parade from Bay allude to St. Andrews. This to be a “dream” turned “reality” because that a revitalization event as characterized in the completed St. Andrew Visioning Project, and so began the job-related of the citizens of St. Andrew to make the St. Andrew Mardi Gras the success it is today.

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As enthusiasm prospered so go the plans, and also the St. Andrews citizens soon created their very own Krewe, now proudly known as the Krewe of St. Andrews, the Krewe now has actually over 180 members from almost everywhere Bay County.

The Krewe of St. Andrew has constantly focused top top the community and also family. This is reflect in the variety of family-oriented tasks such together Kids/Pet Parade, main Parade, children Ball, Golf Tournament, Drawdown, Bunko and also many more . The as whole atmosphere that the Festival and also Parade is to lure fun-loving world of all ages.

The Krewe that St. Andrew gives back to the ar by contributing come several local charities and to regional colleges in scholarships. The Krewe has donated over $50,000.00 to plenty of charities over the years. This is simply a few:

Sunrise Community, second Chance, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, Margaret K. Lewis School, Girls, Inc., Sims Veterans Home, Haney technological Center, Florida State college Panama City, and Gulf coastline State College. This money was increased through number of fundraisers organized by the Krewe that St Andrews.

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Krewe Mission Statement:

We carry together dedicated volunteers and community development minded sponsors to promote historical St Andrews, Panama City and the surrounding area through hosting events that entice visitors and also commerce to enrich our ar businesses and benefit every citizens.