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‘They’re therefore sick’: The St. Louis Blues’ championship ring has actually 282 diamonds and a tribute to Laila Anderson


On among the political parties is the players’ name, number, the year the the championship win, and a explicate of a crowd of players, one of whom is raising the Cup.

The other side the the ring is a tribute to the city who waited those 52 lengthy years: while the bar that music weaving v the Gateway Arch is the opening bars the “When the Blues walk Marching In,” the message at the bottom of the ring reads “Play Gloria,” the Blues’ playoff anthem.

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There’s also an engraving for Laila Anderson, which is found along the internal of the band. Laila to be a season-long resource of motivation for the team and also played a central role in the championship journey shared by the organization and also fans.

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The Blues, favor the Capitals, opened up their ring together. After see the reveal, defenseman Vince Dunn exclaimed, “Ice, ice.” one more proclaimed, “They’re therefore sick.”

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This was the moment…. #stlblues

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The rings, design by Jostens, who additionally made the Capitals’ rings, developed a design that honored the city’s permanent journey, and that season’s separation, personal, instance struggle.

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The frustration. The comeback. The inspiration. The song. The Cup. And also now… the ring. #stlblues

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More indigenous the Blues and also Jostens:

ST. Luigi – Jostens, the top provider the custom, hand-crafted fine jewelry for expert sports teams, unveiled the St. Louis Blues 2019 Stanley Cup Championship Ring top top Monday night. The ring to be presented come the St. Luigi Blues players, coaches and executives by local police and also fire department personnel during a exclusive ceremony.

“The Blues journey to come to be Stanley Cup Champions for the an initial time was nothing brief of extraordinary, and we wanted to honor that story with an equally significant ring,” said Chris Poitras, VP and also COO of Jostens professional Sports Division. “This ring celebrate not just the Blues but also the city of St. Louis and also the committed fans that have supported them. Us strived to capture that connection in architecture of the ring; using diamonds and also genuine sapphires, the story that the Blues and also St. Louis comes to life through the ring’s distinctive details and also intricate storytelling.”

Crafted in 14-karat white and also yellow gold, the St. Luigi Blues 2019 Championship Ring celebrates their journey and also pays homage come the team, their fans and their city.

Signifying the number of postseason victories earned along their course to the Cup, 16 genuine, custom-cut blue sapphires space intricately i ordered it on the ring top, forming the Blue keep in mind logo. In one astounding display screen of precision, every is delicately shaved within millimeters for precise fit inside the logo’s yellow yellow outline. Additionally highlighted in yellow gold are the words, STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS, accented through custom blue antiquing. Top top the top and bottom that the ring top’s edge room princess-cut sapphires, channel-set in yellow gold: ten on top, and ten an ext on the bottom, combining for a complete of 20. In ~ the logo design is the Stanley Cup itself, consisted of of 45 pavé-set diamonds. Bordering the Cup room 30 much more diamonds. Once combined, the 75 diamonds represent the 75 purposes scored through the St. Luigi Blues during the 2019 postseason. Perfect the ring top’s stunning display screen are secondary 115 diamonds intricately set to create a cascading waterfall effect.

The left side of the ring payment tribute to the strong connection in between players and fans, with both featured celebrating through the Cup. The surname of each player is highlighted, along with their jersey number set in diamonds. A pair that Blues logos crafted native custom-colored enamel carry out a difference splash of shade on the white and yellow yellow backdrop. A final facet to the ring’s left side is the championship year day of 2019.

The ring’s ideal side honors the bond between the Blues, their fans and also the city the St. Louis. The Blues wordmark logo, crafted in contrasting yellow gold, appears at the peak of the appropriate side. Intricately comprehensive music notes for the song “When the Blues walk Marching In” are additionally featured. The music notes circulation through the above St. Luigi Arch, formed by 16 diamonds, again representing the number of victories earn in the playoffs. The scene is inspired from photos taken indigenous an overhead blimp throughout the city’s championship parade celebration. A mix of 76 diamonds and 15 sapphires stand for the huge crowd turnout that surrounded the stage, celebrate the historic victory.

The results of every playoff series and the opponent’s logo design are engraved along the internal of the ring, as is the Blues logo. Directly beneath the logo, each player has their personal signature engraved. Also engraved is the name LAILA, which is found along the inner of the palm. A season-long source of inspiration, Laila play a main role in the championship journey shared by the organization and fans. The palm stakes reads play GLORIA in a nod to the legend team rally cry.

The expertly-crafted ring through Jostens celebrate the Blues historic first Stanley Cup victory attributes a full of 282 diamonds, 20 princess-cut sapphires, 16 custom-cut blue sapphires and also 15 ring sapphires because that an exceptional precious stone carat weight total of 10.6 carats.

Blues pan can capture their piece of the Stanley Cup Championship and commemorate this exciting time in franchise history through a custom selection of personalized well jewelry and also championship collectibles. All piece in the arsenal are inspired by the team’s Championship Ring and also are easily accessible for a restricted time through ordering online at http://www.jostens.com/blues.

Blues pan will likewise have the special possibility to purchase a minimal Edition Blues Stanley Cup Championship Ring. The minimal Edition ‘139’ ring pays tribute to one of the many iconic moment in franchise background and honors the team who lugged them come victory. The minimal Edition Stanley Cup Championship pan Ring is also accessible at http://www.jostens.com/blues.

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The minimal Edition Stanley Cup Championship fan Ring is the closestly ring resembling that of a team’s Stanley Cup Championship ever available by a national Hockey league club. Each ring is personalized and also individually numbered; just 139 of these exclusive rings will be easily accessible for purchase representing the combination of the jersey numbers of the score scorers in game 7 against the Boston Bruins.