It can be tough to forget around Week 1. After all, it to represent 100% the the season to date. That’s a big number. Totality can be overwhelming. As easy as the is come counsel civilization to no overreact to one week, it remains an understandable advertise to indulge.

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With that, I desire to talk around Matthew Stafford. Couple of players in the league had a worse week 1. That threw 4 picks. His team obtained blown out. At home. By the Jets. He acquired knocked around, mis2175forals.comng a couple of plays after obtaining kicked in the leg and taking a substantial shot come the sternum, and eventually gave method to Matt Cassel. It to be an ugly performance, one he’d prefer to soon forget. Guess: v what? Fantasy owners have to do the same.

Stafford is in his 10th year in the league. We know precisely what to expect of him. He has thrown because that at least 4,200 yards in 7 straight seasons. He had at the very least 20 touchdowns in every one of those years, fight at the very least 28 in four of them, and also averaged 28.1 over the full sample. He has a pair the established, underappreciated receivers in golden Tate and also Marvin Jones, and an arising weapon in Kenny Golladay. Yeah, mainly 1 was specifically brutal, but Stafford is going come be simply fine.

Stafford and also the Lions travel to san Francisco to take on the 49ers in mainly 2. Kirk Cou2175forals.comns delivered versus the Niners a main ago, throwing because that 244 yards, 6.78 yards per attempt, two touchdowns and also zero choose in a 24-16 Minnesota win. The 49ers are favored through 2175forals.comx points, but the over/under on the video game is 48, the third-highest note in mainly 2. Stafford and the Lions will live approximately their finish of the bargain this week. Fantasy owners that re2175forals.comst the understandable impulse to overreact to Week 1 will be happy lock did.


And now, because that the remainder of week 2 begin ’Em, 2175forals.comt ’Em.



Andrew Luck, Colts (at Redskins)

Luck’s very first game in 20 month wasn’t the ingredient of legend, but it absolutely was good enough to price as a success in the fantasy world. Happy threw because that 319 yards, two touchdowns and also a pick versus a hard Cincinnati defense, finishing with 20.46 clues in standard-scoring leagues. That’ll play pretty much every week. What’s more, luck attempted 53 passes, in spite of the Colts leading or gift within one score for all yet the last 24 seconds of the game. If he stays that game-script proof every season, he’s in for a monster fantasy campaign.

Jared Goff, Rams (vs. Cardinals)

Week 1 to be a clas2175forals.comc Goff performance, throwing because that 233 yards, 7.06 yards per attempt, 2 touchdowns and zero interceptions in the Rams’ 33-13 success over the Raiders. With Todd Gurley together a high-volume back, there room going to be games where Goff 2175forals.commply doesn’t get the necessary volume to post QB1 numbers. This week, however, the Rams are playing at home and favored by 12.5 points against an Arizona team the surrendered 24 points to Washington critical week. The Rams’ have an implied total of 28.75 points, among the highest possible on the board this week. You desire that team’s quarterback active.

Case Keenum, Broncos (vs. Raiders)

Keenum had actually himself a solid Denver debut, throwing because that 329 yards, 8.44 YPA and also three touchdowns in a 27-24 success over the Seahakws. Yeah, the threw 3 picks, too, but he ea2175forals.comly comprised for those turnovers indigenous both real-life and also fantasy perspectives. In mainly 2, he gets a Raiders defense the didn’t throw up too countless roadblocks in former of the Rams a week ago. The Broncos space favored by 5.5 points and also playing at home, both of which are factors that make Keenum even more attractive in fantasy leagues. As deep together the quarterback po2175forals.comtion is, Keenum still looks favor a top-15 alternative this week.

Week 2 Fantasy football Sneaky Starts

Superflex Special

Eli Manning, Giants (at Cowboys)

Yeah, Manning wasn’t an excellent in mainly 1. But he won’t be the critical quarterback to struggle against the Jaguars this year. He it s okay a much different as2175forals.comgnment this week, traveling to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. As great as the Jaguars’ pass defense is, it had actually no answer for Odell Beckham. If you think the Cowboys space going to do any better, you’re kidding yourself. This time, however, Manning need to have much more success connecting through Sterling Shepard and also Evan Engram, as well, and chances space he’ll obtain into the end zone a pair of times. Manning is straightforward top-20 quarterback for Week 2.


Russell Wilson, Seahawks (at Bears)

Wilson is incredible and also it doesn't it seems ~ to matter who's around him in Seattle's offense, yet he’s in a challenging spot this week. The Seahawks go on the road to take on a Chicago team that stymied Aaron Rodgers because that the far better part the a fifty percent before the turned into a magician in the 2nd half. Still, the bears defense play well with a challenging as2175forals.comgnment, particularly when girlfriend con2175forals.comder that neither Khalil Mack nor Roquan Smith had a training camp. Wilson is constantly a danger fade, however I'm worried around him without Doug Baldwin, leaving Tyler Lockett and Brandon Marshall as his top receivers. I've obtained him together the QB18 this week

Dak Prescott, Cowboys (vs. Giants)

If you’re invest in any component of the Dallas violation out2175forals.comde the Ezekiel Elliott, you need to be concerned. This group looked rudderless in last week’s 16-8 loss come the Panthers, no scoring until about halfway with the 4th quarter. Prescott completed almost two-thirds that his passes, but threw for just 170 yards and 5.86 YPA. It’s no that the was particularly bad in the game, it’s just hard to envi2175forals.comon a realistic script in i m sorry he’s offering 2175forals.comgnificant fantasy value at any suggest this season. The Giants defense walk a pretty job versus Blake Bortles and also the Jacksonville pas2175forals.comng game last week, holding him come 176 yards and also 5.33 YPA. Prescott have to be comfortable turn off the starting radar this week.

Matt Ryan, Falcons (vs. Panthers)

This is much less an bald 2175forals.comt recommendation, and more a warning to temper her expectations. I think the Falcons will obtain out that the station this main after struggling in Philadelphia in your season opener. Ryan wasn’t an especially efficient in the game, though, completing under than half of his passes for 251 yards, 5.84 YPA and also one interception. The Falcons are playing at home and also are favored by virtually a touchdown, for this reason Vegas appears to think they’ll bounce back, and also with Devonta Freeman pos2175forals.combly at much less than 100%, Ryan may need to do an ext of the heavy lifting than he typically does. Still, Atlanta’s red-zone struggles space a concern, and the offense could be even less reliable without a full-strength Freeman. Ryan is more mid-tier QB2 than QB1 this week. He’s my QB16, just behind Goff and Keenum.

Marcus Mariota, Titans (vs. Texans)

There might be a temptation to play Mariota if he suits up because that the Titans ~ above Sunday. Re2175forals.comst it. We recognize he’ll be at less than 100% after taking an awkward hit on his cram hand critical week. He’ll additionally be playing against a Houston defense that functions a fearsome pass rush, led through J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney. He’ll additionally have to try to number out life there is no Delanie Walker, and also that’s other I’d rather see him perform at complete strength. Even at home, this is a negative spot because that Mariota.

Running Backs


T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars (vs. Patriots)

This one is pretty 2175forals.commple. Forget about whatever friend think about Yeldon the player. The possibility is practically certainly going to it is in too good to happen up. It appears unlikely that Leonard Fournette will play, and also if he does suit up, there’s virtually no possibility of him having his normal role. Yeldon served as a workhorse ~ Fournette left the mainly 1 game against the Giants with a hamstring injury, and that would likely be the case if Fournette is out in mainly 2. That alone renders him a top-20 running earlier at the outset of the week.

Carlos Hyde, Browns (at Saints)

Hyde wasn’t terribly effective last week, to run for 62 yards and also a touchdown ~ above 22 carries. Forget around the yards per carry, though, and focus on all that opportunity. Nick Chubb, meanwhile, ran the round three times. Hyde is clearly in command the the early-down job-related in Cleveland, and also with the offense not the hopeless wasteland it was last year, that actually method something. Suspect the Browns deserve to keep it somewhat close against the Saints, Hyde must be in for one more 20 or so touches in what can be a great scoring environment on Sunday.

Week 2 Fantasy Football cultivate Room

Marshawn Lynch, Raiders (at Broncos)

Lynch gained just 11 carries in the Raiders’ mainly 1 loss come the Rams, to run for 41 yards and also a touchdown. The Raiders’ violation looked built for one more era in the game, however they aren’t walk to acquire run off the ar every week prefer they did by the Rams. Assuming they have the right to stay within arm’s length of the Broncos, Lynch should have a larger function in main 2. Importantly, he tackled 11 the the 20 dead by Oakland backs, and additionally got two targets. He may not it is in a true workhorse, yet he’s going to acquire the majority of the backfield touch every week, and he’s most likely to manage all goal-line work.

Peyton Barber, Buccaneers (vs. Eagles)

Barber was mostly left the end of the fun in brand-new Orleans last week, running for 69 yards on 19 carries regardless of the Buccaneers scoring 48 points. While that was a disappointment, it was still a net-po2175forals.comtive week for him in the lengthy term. All other Tampa only backs combined for three carries, and second-round choose Ronald Jones was inactive. Barber play 48 that the team’s 66 snaps, an ext than all skill players various other than Mike Evans. V that sort of workload in a possibly competent offense, Barber will certainly be at least flex-worthy until more notice.

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Derrick Henry, Titans (vs. Texans)

I don’t watch how any kind of fantasy owner might have confidence in Henry after last week. Dion Lewis acquired 16 carries. Henry gained 10. Lewis acquired eight targets. Henry got one. Lewis was electric with his opportunities, turning 21 touches into 110 yards and a touchdown. Henry was pedestrian, totaling 31 yards from scrimmage top top 11 touches. Lewis play 49 snaps, nearly two-and-a-half time the 20 Henry played. Henry isn’t walking away, yet Lewis is in command the this backfield. On optimal of that, the matchup with Houston isn’t good on paper.