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The State of beginning decider at Suncorp stadion was constantly going to be a check for brand-new South Wales, yet after 80 minute it to be clear the Blues flunked out before stepping ~ above the field. One opportunistic, aggressive and an ext motivated Queensland side overcame from whistle-to-whistle to success 52-6 and also capture the State of origin shield.

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The Blues to be aggressive to begin the game, knocking ~ above the door within the game"s first two minutes. A fruit penalty native Queensland forced an early decision, which led to the Blues taking the 2 points quite than press for more. Initially this seemed favor a wise choice, however it came to be clear as the game advanced that new South Wales wouldn"t get plenty of attacking opportunities.

Queensland to be simply more aggressive in the first half. Hitting harder, play faster and proving to be an ext opportunistic. The Maroons maintained their emotions in check and also capitalized when brand-new South Wales shed its cool, consisting of Trent Merrin"s attention lifting tackle so late in the very first half.


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This ended up being the lay of the land for the remainder that the game. Brand-new South Wales was came to with make the efforts to make statements through hits and thrown punches, while the Maroons were just preoccupied with winning the game. It"s no wonder this decider was a blowout when only one team was play rugby league.

The game for brand-new South Wales to be embarrassing. Queensland to be the better team this series, however not to the magnitudes presented at Suncorp stadium on Wednesday night. The Maroons scored try after try, when the Blues to be a whirlwind that flailing inactivity -- knocking the round on, throwing meaningless punches and also trying to claw back some sort of respectability as soon as it was abundantly clean the game was impossible to win.

The encounters in the new South Wales coaching booth said it all. Shock, disappointment -- checking your watches, anxiously wait for the beat under to end.

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Perhaps the series would have been various if Jarryd Hayne hadn"t left because that the NFL, maybe Blues fans deserve to justify the loss as result of the lack of Robbie Farah -- both of these would certainly be wrong. Neither were applicable in this game. New South Wales could have had a three-man advantage and continue to be unable come hurt this Queensland team on this night. On Wednesday the Maroons were impenetrable.