The golden State warrior golden couple didn’t expose the location of their glamorous 10th anniversary getaway, but it wasn’t on this next of the world.

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Golden State warrior Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry to visit The 2017 ESPYS in ~ Microsoft theater on July 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo through Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Steph and Ayesha Curry ~ above Friday commemorated 10 year of wedded bliss in grand style, spring healthy, beautiful and also stylish while vacationing what in the human being that has a white-sand beach and also champagne and sunsets in settings out that a National geographic spread. “10 Yrs. My woman. Never ever a day goes by I’m no thankful for her presence, her beauty, your spirit! ” the gold State warriors star composed in a subtitle for a collection of glamorous photos of him and also his wife. News likewise broke Tuesday the the two-time MVP had actually agreed to a four-year, $215 million contract extension to continue to be with golden State with 2026. “Sexy as can be inside and also out & continuing to show me how amazing ours God is through the production that friend are,” that said.
top top Ayesha Curry’s Instagram, the TV chef, cookbook author and also lifestyle magazine publisher captioned one of her holidays photos: “My love! my adventure partner! My finest friend! my confidant! My baby daddaaaay! my everything! 10 year married y’all.” no reveals the ar of your “adventure,” yet the coast photos, cocktails and also bikini shots of one enviably toned Ayesha imply some location tropical.
Another photograph shows the two in a jeep, sporting chic out gear, consisting of a safari hat for Steph. The photos indicate that the two are, well, on safari. Because that a sunset photo, the couple also pose versus the background of what looks like a wide, open grassland that’s characteristic of Africa. One insignia on their jeep, moreover, argues that the Currys room guests of Singita, an ecotourism and conservation company that operates high-end lodges in and also near national parks in 4 African countries: southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and also Tanzania. And, yes, Tanzania national Parks provided away the Currys holidays spot, revealing the the couple probably vacationed in ~ Singita’s Grumeti lodge, i m sorry is situated next to Serengeti national Park. Happy anniversary come

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ayeshacurry , We room glad you made decision to celebrate her anniversary in Tanzania. Karibu sana #serengeti. — Tanzania nationwide Parks (
The Singita lodges space “dedicated come environmentally mindful hospitality, sustainable conservation and also the empowerment of regional communities,” while offering guests tours into wilderness areas where castle will have actually “a front row seat to the most spectacular wildlife sightings in the world.” as guests the Singita, Steph, 33, and also Ayesha Curry, 32, wouldn’t have actually been roughing it. The company’s Sasakwa Lodge is constructed in the style of “a stately Edwardian manor,” with silver candelabras, private cottages and also wraparound verandas that sell “unrivaled savannah views.” even Singita’s tented camps, “pared-back interpretations of classic safari style,” consists suites that function a private meditation deck, an out “sala” through daybeds, a exclusive fitness area and refrigerators filled with “gourmet delights. The Visit Tanzania Twitter account likewise reminded Steph Curry fans that this is his second trip to their country. He traveled to Tanzania in 2013 top top a joined Nations-sponsored mission to provide mosquito nets, needed to aid protect civilization from malaria, the top killer of youngsters in the country. NBA Superstar,3X champs and also greatest shooter in NBA background Steph Curry and also his wife Ayesha Curry are visiting various destinations in Tanzania,This is second time because that Curry to visit Tanzania after ~ 2013 once he visit because that humanitarian activities, #Tanzania