Stop, drop, damn that ass on fire choose god cursed bitch ns think ns love you

Get text of Stop, drop, damn that ass on fire prefer god damn bitch i think i love friend song friend love. List includes Stop, drop, damn the ass on fire like god cursed bitch i think i love you track of older one songs and also hot new releases. Acquire known every indigenous of her favorite track or begin your own karaoke party this evening :-).

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Saucin' on lock hoes cause that ass for this reason dumb anyone here... ... God damn. Wherein the hell you gain that from? ... Ooh, fall em' every to keep my sauce. She really ain't shit, bitch, i dropped it all off. Fight the strip club and also blow it every off top. Cause I will never ever love a cursed hoe in mine life. God ... Everybody looking like, "God damn"
FRENCH MONTANA - negative Bitch
2175forals.comCheck the end the finish French Montana negative Bitch and also watch the music video on ... You know who to speak to when you need it. Wish ns had one more you, I'm greedy. Occasionally like the nigga get greedy ... Wanna recognize where she obtained that ass at ... God damn, fell in love v a bad bitch ... Traction up in a drop and the watch 80
TOO $HORT text - Ain't naught Like
Pimpin' to "Ain't Nothing like Pimpin'" tune by too $HORT: Ain't nuthin prefer pimpin just let that roll mother fucking shit god cursed asshole Ain't nuthin favor pim... ... And also like ns told her ass before you can fuck mine hoe. I ride nuthin however ... Never ever love a bitch or a hoe. You dropped in ... I'm a pimp ass nigga and the game don't protect against "All you...
MIKE will MADE IT - That acquired Damn
(Freestyle) come "That got Damn (Freestyle)" tune by MIKE will MADE IT: In the Spiderman coupe as soon as a ... Gained a bad ass bitch and also she eat a penis like a gobstopper
Felly feat. Gyyps - Gorilla (feat. Gyyps) Feb 9, 2016 I acquired love for the girls in the crowd Gettin lost in the Marijuana Clouds ... "I choose that soft shit, damn" Somwhere in the midst of the mist Ima construct a ... Go ahead popular music a pill, think you must Roll your ass what it is you could need two ... In this bitch, White chocolate Bust "God damn, god cursed if ya heard the that...
CHILDISH GAMBINO - AssShots Remix... Every the bitches. Castle love exactly how I move, we might need a minute. God damn, Summer looking prefer son that Sam, I'm killin' niggas ... Was the fire? Bitch you guessed that (Oh shit!) LIL' FLIP - It's A reality (Remix)You know, it's a truth niggas don't favor to see you wit nothing. It's favor crabs in ... Nigga I'm Lil' Flip, I'm a god damn man ... Every time i spit a freestyle, you recognize that bitch tight ... Remainder in peace my nigga, cause he confirmed me love ... And also I might get higher, this bud gained that fire ... All you hating ass nigga didn't want me to make it
EMINEM - Cold Wind BlowsLove the game, cold as ice you remain. Crap em' ... So, god damn... Is it the time again currently ... Bitch girlfriend don't fucking think I recognize that friend suck cock dummy? You'll obtain your target kicked, crap all that love shit honey ... Favor Elton John, reason I'm simply a mean dick sucker ... Shit the day that happens the world'll stop spinning
GETO guys - Damn
that Feels good To be A to "Damn the Feels great To be A Gangsta" tune by GETO BOYS: cursed it feels good to be a gangsta A actual gangsta-ass ... Reason gangsta-ass niggas think deep ... Is once the fire dies down what the fuck girlfriend gonna execute ... Riding around town in a drop-top Benz ... Currently bitches look in ~ gangsta-ass niggas favor a protect against sign
J. COLE - You
gained come "You got It" tune by J. COLE: Hey, one time Hey, one time One time Throw your hands to the sky tonight 'cause ... God damn her ex guy is a dumb ass
EMINEM - CriminalA many of civilization think that.. What i say on documents or what I talk ... Mine words are choose a dagger through a jagged edge. That'll stab you in ... Girlfriend can't teach me a goddamn thing reason ... And also you can't protect against me indigenous dropping every March ... Awwright... God damn, fuck. ... I'm not gonna death you bitch, quit feather around.
EMINEM - SHADY CXVPHERBam, bam her body drop, van Damme, karate chop ... Etcetera, etcetera and it will certainly not protect against ... I'm a star goin' come war v you clones prefer Count Dooku ... That's backwards for "fuck them damn niggas" ... Yet the bars there, put that top top God, ask an atheist ... Dixie flags, American flags, Slumerican sign on mine Slumerican ass
TOO $HORT - get In whereby You
fit come "Get In wherein You right In" tune by also $HORT: What happened to ... I bet you get your ass kicked hanging in ~ the park, bitch! ... Is avoid making this funky-ass shit to ride come ... Had to fire the hoe, yet I'm quiet a pimp ... (Hell yeah) Damn, you prefer that, nigga! ... Your crew think they tight, but when i come they a sad clan
CHRIS WEBBY - crazy Ass Bitch to "Crazy Ass Bitch" tune by kris WEBBY: ns couldn't stop staring as soon as I witnessed her at ... Come the allude I'm thinking I might wife it in reality ... We, we do like lab's and also shit together, i swear to God yo ... For real, ns love you baby, we'll constantly be together ... Every in my shit yo, what the crap is wrong v you, obtain the crap out. Damn!
MONTANA that 300 text - Chiraq (Remix)And it's mob till the day ns drop. And also these ... And kiss your ass goodnight, like, (bang bang) that's smooches ... And you mad at your key bitch cause that bitch bumpin my new shit ... And I mental begging her to stop and every single night once I called her the ... Damn it feels an excellent to go pick up mine momma and take her out
EMINEM text - conference OneSo sucking my dick on the couch if you wanna cushion the punch ... Came earlier an hour ~ the accident and bit a goddamn Jawbreaker in half! So protect against fakin the funk and start shakin her ass ... I'm right right here Fire Marshall, verbal pair that pliers ns pry personally you. Bump on ... Gain a beat then terrorize the bitch favor I'm center Eastern
ATTILA - "About that Life" (2013) albumAnd as soon as the music fuckin access time you far better JUMP jump JUMP ... Running your mouth like a bitch, .... A fine ass bitch is always gonna suck it (thug life bitch) ... This step is plagued with fucking gimmicks and also lies, and also you're a god cursed fool if you trust ... Begin a motherfucking riot, bitch girlfriend love it and you can't also deny it.
THE game - mine Flag / Da HomiesWhat I'm drinking obtained me thinking, nigga perhaps I need to iron out my - ... Lowkey is top top drop, give a crap bout whatcho mama. When it's ... No gimmicks, God cursed ... I won't stop being a blood to gangland ... So as soon as they be like, "Slick, why us ain't watch you top top TV or nothin'?" .... Bitch ass niggas in ya very own hood nigga
THE WEEKND text - The to "The Zone" song by THE WEEKND: Why you rushing me baby It's just us alone i don't ... I'll it is in making love to her through you ... And also I won't see a damn point ... I'ma touch you best (let me get inside mine zone) ... Sit yo sexy ass on that couch ... You don't really prefer attention, i don't know if she gon regulate out here
EMINEM text - One shot 2 ShotBodies drop, hit the floor, Music's off, party ... Even DJ house you fucked around and also got shoot ... Bitches screaming everywhere and niggas is wildin' ... I've never ever seen no shit prefer this in mine life prior to ... Look at him hauling ass i think he left his mam ... God cursed there simply went an additional damn bullet I'm hit ... Ns Love you More
J. COLE text - VillematicLife is your professor, you recognize that bitch is gon check ya. I got some shit I'd choose to acquire off mine chest ... It's the feeling in the air girlfriend bout to drop a real standard ... I make the kind of pieces that do Jesus to speak God damn ... And fuck the haters most likely never love they momma's neither. Old bitter-ass sit roughly in middle class
EMINEM - Won't ago come "Won't ago Down" song by EMINEM: You deserve to sound the alarm friend can call out her guards you deserve to fence in her yard you deserve to hold every the...
LIL BOOSIE text - calling come "Calling Me" tune by LIL BOOSIE: You ever before had a item of pussy man, that ... Damn! gain me in trouble. The pussy save calling me (come below Boosie) ... I prolly must stop answerin da call ... Freaky bitch eat the prick while I'm playin Madden ... Place on your stomach girl (just prefer this), toot the ass increase (toot the up)
MEEK MILL - BurnSkinny nigga, but I execute it large like a 3X The last nigga ... Bitch I'm 23 years old and I ain't speak in a Prius ... And also to all the hoes that was dissing, ns pray come god that you watch me ... You foolish ass hell girlfriend ain't CC'd ... Freaky bitches love the money ns make ... The roof on fire, I'm only gettin' greater ... Cursed nigga friend ain't find out shit
2 CHAINZ - odor Like
MoneyCheck the end the complete 2 Chainz Smell favor Money and watch the music ... Ns say bitch i smell choose money, that's that dope and also cologne. And also if he ain't getting money, don't love him, leaving his damaged ass alone ... Lord ns done gained too well-off for stuntin' (damn) ... Last night i prayed to God and asked because that him to do a fall truck
Z-RO text - City the KillersBut ain't no means I can fold, v a pair the nuts this cursed swoll. Reason where a ... Its choose your life is a sweet, and reality's the flame. So why the ... Thinking why niggas permit me broke, in this city the Houston yet ain't no ... Cause I gained a bunch of fans the love me, and bitches the jock ... Now stop you drop, prefer sweat it the end my face
Eminem - One shot 2 Shot Bodies drop hit the floor music's off. Parties stop, everybody struggle the door someone's lickin' shots off. You bitches is unable to do I'm to reduce in the society ... I never seen no shit favor this is mine life prior to ... Look at him haulin' ass i think he left his mam ... God cursed there simply went an additional damn cartridge I'm struggle ... Love The means You Lie.
CHANCE THE RAPPER - Pusha man / come "Pusha guy / Paranoia" song by opportunity THE RAPPER: Ten cursed days ... Friend a laaaaaaaame, and also your bitch malfunction my weed periodically ... More than likely scared of all the refugees, look like we had actually a fucking hurricane ... Ns heard everybody's dice in the summer, so pray come God for a little much more ... Great Ass Intro
SLAUGHTERHOUSE - fact Or fact Pt.1Nas is God to me! Eminem is favor ... Thank y'all for making my wife a crazier bitch than y'all bitches. Y'all might've ... Price that! Still ns love mine fans, also though you every looking me favor I'm simply this drunk nigga ... And also think the came in addition to your 20 disagreement purchase. Girlfriend ... See exactly how I go to bed through thoughts that a damn killer
LIL BOOSIE text - walk Thru part Thangsfrom mine niggas to my bitch ... Acquire your ass up turn off the computer and buy ... This niggas speak they love ya ... But they quiet wanna carry that savage the end you ... Cursed i been goin' thru some thangs and also don't nobody know me guy ... Told she respect the game she like boosie leaving it alone look at craig ganes damn
JEREMIH - plane 2175forals.comLet that play ass nigga thumpy be your guide. As we go on ... Told my bitch to let her hair down. What this shit ... I can put friend in the Mile High Club, what's up? Let's take a ... Look, lock love me in the Chi prefer MJ ... And so much my new shit's for this reason fire, nigga, check my profile. That you ... For this reason god damn don't make me beg. However I will...
DIZZY WRIGHT - Can't trust Em RemixFrickin' faggot, gagged and fucked in the ass like the Gimp go Ving Rhames ... I hit a nigga in the leg with a tire iron, and also crack that in the fucking skull with a fire hydrant ... You're a geek, you're a lame, you're a bitch, you're a fag, bitch friend talk through ... The chopper walk 'brah' in her mouth favor banaca, drop ya, contact the fucking...
Rockie new - rap Monument text Tryna make bread with these cursed cold cuts ... Tantalise so you have the right to see the bigger picture that God is the irradiate ... Love the club since we to fill the section with pain, c'mon. Punch him ... Drop that top once I fight that butt ... Prevent by, tryna view a nigga .... Thinking that's her bitch, far better have your shit .... College is that fuel fire
EMINEM text - that KnewI placed wives at risk with a knife like this (AHHH!!) Shit, you more than likely think I'm in your tape deck now. I'm in the ago seat of your truck, with duct tape extended out
Young Dolph - Preach 9 year old I watched a nigga gain shot, damn. Niggas rapid to operation their mouth once they get jammed. Pussy ass nigga tell that on his very own fam (pussy) exact same nigga the ... She prefer to argue so I sent that bitch to legislation school ... Exact same bitch that case she love friend she'll set you up (preach) ... Addicted come hustlin' i can't protect against (can't stop)
Cassidy - capture A Body Then autumn the body off, I'm about to human body y'all. Yes I'm around ... 'Cause this choose tryna do a poodle struggle a damn pit. This a dog fight, ... I'll have actually your fraud-ass lookin' favor cigar ash. Dag, all burnt ... You better stop it, or you'll gain popped choose a Xanax I'm quiet feelin' ... You to be a bitch, nobody think girlfriend a thug 'Cause done...

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MACKLEMORE - White Privilege IIIn mine head like, "Is this awkward, need to I also be below marching?" reasoning if lock can't, ... Walk buy a big-ass lawn, go with your big-ass house. Get a big-ass ... Don't think for a second you don't have actually incentive ... And "One Love", oh, my God, that track - excellent ... Damn, a most opinions, a lot of confusion, a most resentment
DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT - BackshotsDamn ole girl strapped ... Bending yo ass over it's only right you obtain a backshot (Yep) ... She a chop bitch however off Goose i swear she loosened as fuck (Loose) Rubbin on my nuts, if I'm poundin goin threw them guts (Pow) obtained her walking crazy; I'm hittin it difficult like a zoota put ... I'm the backshot God this is greatness girlfriend witnessin
Lil Wayne - A Milli text 3 Playin v Fire · 4 Tie mine ... Call the coppers, ha ha ha ha you can't catch' em, friend can't stop 'em, i go by lock ... You can't stand em climate you autumn em, ... Never ever answer once it's exclusive damn I hate a shy Bitch ... Yet you like a bitch v no ass girlfriend ain't acquired shit .... Lil Wayne - just how To Love (Shazam Version) Music Video.
THE holy GUILE - "FSU" (2013) albumJust prevent judging because that a fucking second. All you've presented me is hate. As soon as you speak our god is love ... And also the dumb ass is the apparatus. You think you've gained fire in her hands ... Choose vultures swarm a carcass ceiling ... Save your god damn beliefs ... Bitch, you're a carbon copy, Replica ... Come hit reset and set it up for the drop


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