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The rap skills they flow just like water indigenous a faucetI been below from Queens, thought I lost itWell I've to be waiting, hibernatingIt's mad individuals eyeing top top the streets, so v the roads I'm debating, seeThe federal government is one part ill skitThat's why my peoples sling rocks, they bust shots, one of two people kill, kidSo yo, we need to confront the fact, blackOnce a fellow blows native the ghetto, watch there's no transforming backMy mom dukes demands she need some loot, ns can't particle itThat's why I perform my point here, therefore I can be thereI'm ~ above this lane, and I'm talking from the slumCuz the Cheeks is indigenous the slum and from the slum is below I comeAiyo, I believed I'd give it come yaPeoples try to host the fam ago because lock felt we couldn't do itAiyo, i live the end in the gutterNow you see how long it takes for Cheeks to do butterComing right from the ghettoAiyo, ns come indigenous the ghetto, i live for the ghettoI even cry for the ghettoAiyo, I can have a verse for the ghettoThat method I could have to die for the ghetto
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Cheeks>The unstable times will continue to be in my brainI do it difficult to maintain, tearing clowns the end the frameI to be away for mad peoples thought i fellBut I just came back from my visit in hellI watched the demon and also we chatted, around this and thatAnd other foul points that never ever matteredHe stated it's time to acquire ya propsBut still clock ya back from jealous fellas and also them crooked type copsSo yo ns did what he acquired it, police never ever reportedThe work they discovered my small man Shawn snortedSome kids slit his throat for a tiny cokeBut we recorded the suspect, 911 is a jokeBut listen that's just how it goes on the street, manYou can't be beat, us genuine fellas gotta eatWith offering drugs, busting shots, exactly how local thugsMoney we divided, now they functions under works from the ghetto
I represent for the borough of QueensGetting the end of state money, hang on Uptown scenesI hit the Bronx just to boogie through my auntsThen ns burst out to Brooklyn, haven't to be there in monthsI see the crews, smoking blunts, drinking bewIt'll be because that my cousin Lou, I'm out around twoRight now I press a napsack, v some TimbsBut I'm soon to push a black Ac' through deep dish rimsYo, big Dex access time me off v the fat beatsRest in tranquility to Tyrone native the back streetsOur God, won't push in fiend timeMy nigga named Chris and huge Craig why they die?Aiyo, i can't forget the shorty, her name was EbonyShe acquired smoked in 40 and it made foolish noiseBut hear that's exactly how it goesWhen niggas hit to make roomFor elbows, when running the ghetto