1.- students in spanish-speaking countries must pay big amounts of money towards their university tuition. CIERTO (partially) They can study in windy college, and also they have an extremely high standars reffers ~ above quallity. In the various other hand, if they study in private college, yes, they should pay a lot of money.

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2.- Carrera ad to any kind of undergraduate or graduate program that students enroll in to attain a expert degree. CIERTO

3.- ~ studyin at a colegio, student recieve their bachillerato. CIERTO

4.- Undergraduates examine at a colegio or one universidad. CIERTO.

5.- In LAtin America and also Spain, college student usually choose theri majors in their 2nd year at the university. FALSO

6.- In Argentina, students focus their researches in their high institution years. CIERTO

7.- In México, the bachillerato involves devoted study. CIERTO

8.- In Spain, significant depend on entrance test scores. Cierto

9.- Venezuelans complete a licenciatura in 5 years. Cierto

10.- follow to statics, Colombians constitute the third-largest latin american group studying al us universities. Cierto


1. Answer;

A. For this reason the data can be proven in the scientist’s next experiment

Explanation; Metric system is the conventional or major system that is accepted and used in science almost everywhere the world.Metric system is utilized anywhere the word for this reason making it possible for researchers to be in a position to re-superstructure data verify and also ascertain the the outcomes presented by various other scientists and also the techniques used.2. Answer;

A. Resistance to change

Explanation;Pseudoscience requires a mechanism of theories and assertions concerning the nature which show up to it is in scientific yet in real sense they are not. Because that example, astrology is perceived as pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is identified by; contradictory, exaggeration or unfalsifiable claims, absence of openness to testimonial by other experts, dependency on check bias, etc.3. Answer;

A. Observable and also objective

Explanation;Scientific facts have to be verifiable such that they have to rest upon sense data, they should be based on evidence that is verifiable. Scientific facts must be open to additional investigation, the is they have to be falsifiable and also repeatable. Also they must observable and also objective. They have to open to further investigations and additionally flexible in case brand-new facts arise they deserve to be changed.4. Answer;

D. Principles

Explanation;Since research entails humans participants and likewise human subjects, the involves complex and certain ethical, legit social and also political notions.Ethics in research entails the evaluation of ethical problems that are raised when human beings as connected as entrants or topics in researchThe significant problem with the experimentation of the Ebola vaccines will certainly be the recruitment of people who room going to volunteer to have the Ebola virus placed into their mechanism so the the potency of the vaccines have the right to be tested. A many ethical challenges surround this.5. Answer;Pseudoscience is often based only on opinions.Pseudoscience often entails explanations of beliefs.Pseudoscience has subjective ideas.Explanation;Pseudoscience requires a mechanism of theories and also assertions worrying the nature which appear to it is in scientific however in actual sense they room not.Pseudoscience is defined by; contradictory, exaggerated or unfalsifiable claims, lack of openness to testimonial by various other experts, dependence on check bias, etc. 6. Answer;

A objective

Science does not rely objective top top ideas based on opinions instead of facts since science works to avoid the influence of opinions and beliefs.

Explanation;Science understanding is objective which means the ability to observe and accept facts as they are, and not as individuals would desire them come be. Objectivity entails the ability to guard scientific research knowledge versus their very own biases, wishes, values, beliefs and also preferences. 7. Answer;

A. Procedure and facts, because they space using a systematic technique to measure and also then record data

Explanation;Scientists and also researchers usage scientific investigation to prize questions about the everyday occurrence of details events around the world. It also entails connecting the result or results to the individuals around the world.Scientific investigation may be descriptive, to compare or speculative investigation.8. Answer;

B. Scientific, because observations of brain growth and also chemicals space made carefully and also repeatedly

Explanation;A case refers to a declare or a conclusion the intend to answer the original problem or question. The insurance claims are scientific due to the fact that they space falsifiable, repeatable and reproducible, which method just like scientific experiments they deserve to be proved.9. Answer;

B. Over there are more than likely very few astronauts v twin siblings.

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Explanation;All scientific experiments have to follow details principles of appropriate investigation in order because that the results derived at the finish of the experiment to be considered credible. A fine designed scientific experiment have to have features that allow scientists to remove extraneous variables as an explanation for the connection observed between dependent variable and also independent variables.