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If you’re trying to find one that the ideal hoverboards ~ above the industry right now, friend have involved the appropriate place. The Swagway X1 hands-free smart board is just one of the height selling float boards accessible for purchase, and also for many good reasons.Let’s gain into our Swagway X1 hands-free clever board review.

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For starters, it has a top speed that is only rivaled through a handful of other self-balancing scooters out there in ~ 10 miles. That renders this an awesome choice for speed addicts. Obviously, if you have kids, you will have to figure out if your children are responsible and also experienced enough with segways to manage the greater speeds.


The variety on the Swagway X1 hands-free smart board isn’t bad either. Users deserve to cover up to 20 miles every charge.Another noteworthy function of this height rated hoverboard is the incredible taking care of capabilities. That is qualified of performing zero level turns, and it deserve to handle inclines as much as 30 degrees.

That provides this segway fantastic for surface you conference on a daily basis like asphalt, hardwood, and also carpet (it will damage the carpet in time though). Heck, it also runs kind on grass, specifically when the grass is freshly cut and low.It additionally handles obstacles choose speed bumps and also potholes very well.

Are you beginning to figure out why countless say the Swagway X1 is among the ideal hoverboards top top the sector right now?

The smart motor that comes conventional is an additional impressive attribute of the Swagway X1 hands-free smart board that stands out. For example, once you’re moving downhill, the motor immediately detects the incline and also prevents the hoverboard from boosting speed due to gravity.

Conversely, once heading increase an incline, the motor immediately increases the speed so that the incline doesn’t slow you down. In various other words, friend keep moving at the very same speed friend did before getting ~ above the incline.

Pretty cool stuff huh? Swag on!

Then, yes sir the aesthetics. After ~ all, it is referred to as the Swagway for a reason.Available in a selection of colors, the Swagway X1 hands-free smart board has actually a slick design, finish with anti-slip foot pads and also LED lamp that provide it a sci-fi look. If there’s one fence to this self-balancing scooter, it’s the fact it come in at 29 pounds. Sure, that’s no going to be a difficulty for most adults to lug from ar to place, but it could be too heavy for some children that space under 12 years old.

You won’t need to spend much time waiting for this hoverboard to charge thanks to the rapid charger the comes through it. It just takes one hour because that the charger to take the battery from low to full. It is a capability you won’t find in numerous other self-balancing scooters.


The Swagway X1 hands-free clever board has lots of hype neighboring it for great reason. If you on the hunt for one of the finest hoverboards ~ above the market, below you go.

Swagway X1 Hands-free clever Board Pros

Top rate of 10 miles per hour.Smart motor renders it much easier to control.Has a selection of 20 miles.

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Swagway X1 Hands-free smart Board Cons

Might be too hefty for little kids.