I"ve only simply started to explore this, the opponents do prove to it is in a nuisance. Therefore my inquiry really is, best weapon come have and things favor armour and also the likes? simply to make it a bit much more manageable. Ns do have to teleporter locations accessible as well, the one close to the teleport in between castles, then the other one in the castle walls in particular (as well as the odd save room together well).

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The weapon I have actually right currently is the Damascas knife (or but you spell it), utilizing that, dealing around 38-40 damage, through I think, the spike break armour on, and also the dragon helm. But I feel I could do better so this map does not frustrate me.

The large open outside room appropriate out of the throne room in ~ the start of the inverted Castle. Turn right into bat type and paris to the upper right portion of the map against the wall, and attack the wall surface under a platform and also you will acquire the Dawn Sword. Its advantageous it summons dawn warrior mobs come fight because that you, and is also needed for a trophy anyway.

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The large open outside room right out that the throne room in ~ the start of the turning back Castle. Turn right into bat kind and paris to the top left section of the map versus the wall, and attack the wall under a platform and also you will get the Dawn Sword. Its valuable it summons dawn warrior mobs to fight for you, and is also needed for a trophy anyway.

Secret room? If so, will said an enig room also be in the common map as well in the very same spot? just want come make sure is every


It is no a mystery room just a break in the wall, prefer in the old gamings where you get secret health and heart items. 

Get you yourself to the Library (where the shopkeeper sits in the regular castle) as rapid as possible. Over there is an adversary there called Schmoo who drops Crissaegrim. This sword is her one means ticket to straightforward mode. It"s additionally needed for a trophy. I discovered the easiest place to farm yard them is by recognize a room transition where you can jump earlier and forth killing one easily . That may take 10-15 minutes but you will certainly be an extremely happy afterwards. 



Ah, I understand those enemies, I have been v the library in the turning back castle. But good to understand they drop the weapon in question.


In general, anyone understand the finest armour to use and things prefer that so i don"t take as lot damage? ns tried come head through the Marble Gallery ns think it"s called, but those floor traps... Therefore much damages they do to me at the moment.

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Traps will usually do tremendous damages no matter the armor together per usual because that Castlevania, yet as much as normal adversaries most the the damages can it is in mitigated by Alucard Armor which has actually high elemental resist when you uncover it, or the to walk armor relying on how lot of the map you have actually filled out. Also in the inverted castle caverns over there are cave trolls who have actually a chance to drop an accesory that provides you +15 defense, obtain two that them to drop and also you gain a pretty +30 to defense.

Ah, didn"t establish they would certainly regardless. The enemies in there aren"t hard at all... Simply so lot going top top on display is all


But yeah, following time I"m top top the game, ns think ns will shot and get the Crissaegrim weapon to drop, since I recognize which enemies you"re talk about. Observed them in the library when I to be filling out that component of the map