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General CommentThe guy likes a girl and also he"s pretty certain she likes him too. Lock act favor friends however they both sense that castle want an ext from every other. However for whatever reasons, they are both scared to totally admit the or pursue anything. The man notices that they space behaving like animals in the feeling that the girl plays tough to get, and the boy must chase her down (if friend notice, in the wild, the girl animal usually blows off the male a couple of times prior to she finally gives in). Even though castle act prefer they aren"t that extremely interested, he knows they both are, for this reason the method he mentions the they"re play pretend. He"s scared he "won"t acquire out alive" or "I won"t sleep tonight" since it"s driving that crazy that they"re not doing anything about their attraction to each other.The totality chorus seems to be the guy saying "hey, i want an ext than what we at this time have. I desire to go after this further. Go ahead and tell me how you feel, do a move, take a bite of mine heart, permit me know you want me as well so ns can provide into you fully. What space you wait for? points are never going to readjust if we keep pretending.When that talks around the chemicals kicking in, ns think he"s talking around he feel his feeling for she hitting that harder and also harder as time go on, and also it provides him nervous and scared as soon as she"s around, therefore he desires to run and hide since he likes her more and an ext as time go on, and he"s scared of obtaining hurt therefore he"s scared of liking her more. "I carry out it everytime, you"re killing me now" This way perhaps that everytime he has actually a opportunity to pursue things further he chicken out, and also it"s killin" him the she provides him nervous. "I won"t be denied by you, the pet inside that you" the guy and also the girl action so normal roughly each other, so calm and such, however he knows the somewhere within of her, she desires him and she"s sexual, and he just wants them both to have the ability to unleash exactly how they yes, really feel and also indulge in physical relationships with one another, and his pet instincts room kicking in because, like in the wild, the male pet takes on the mindset that he will certainly NOT be denied by the woman animal.Finally Hush, hushThe people is quietHush, hushWe both can"t struggle itIt"s united state that made this messWhy can"t friend understand?Whoa, i won"t sleep tonightmeans that the world is quiet once they are around each other because they space only focusing on each other.

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The senses that they both can"t struggle the undeniable attraction to one another. And also the chaos he"s talking about is the mess the they produced by flirting and carrying on for a long time without purusuing your feelings, thus developing confusion and also an animal-like game out that things, and he won"t have the ability to sleep at night due to the fact that things have ultimately gotten to the allude where that can"t stand it anymore and also wants to go after things further with her.