Technical skills that apply to the business available are most often essential at __________a. The plank of directors levelb. Lower levels of mid-levels the managementd. Greater levels that management
b. Reduced levels of administration Lower-level and supervisory-level management require an ext technical skills. Technical an abilities are the capacity to do very certain tasks because that a business. These room technical an abilities such together a programming supervisor, a scheduling manager, or a first-line supervisor.

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A traditional tool that serves as a method of assessing a company"s current business situation is called the SWOT Analysis. This is an acronym because that ___________.a. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threatsb. Say it, weigh it, own it, try itc. Strategic, Willingness, Oneness, Tacticsd. Strategize it, compose it, attain it, to trust it
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, ThreatsSWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and also Threats. This is a kind of analysis performed throughout the preliminary procedures of the plan process.
All supervisors do planning. Allison is a general manager because that a huge toy store. Every day she plans the number of employees she will have in each department, including the number of cashiers. She to plan the break schedules and the freight distribution schedules. In the company world, we describe this type of planning as ___________.a. Tactical planningb. To work planningc. Strategy planningd. Contingency planning
operational planningAllison is performing to work planning, where job-related schedules and assignments are planned. To work planning concentrates on the planning performed by supervisors and the kinds of tasks that employees would perform.
Contemporary supervisors ___________.a. Must very closely supervise highly skilled workers who would like to "do their very own thing."b. Role solely as intermediaries between workers and also labor unions.c. End up being specialists in just one or two sensible areas.d. Emphasize teamwork and cooperation, and act as coaches, fairly than bosses.
emphasize teamwork and also cooperation, and act together coaches, rather than bosses.Managers are educated come guide, train, support, motivate, and coach employees fairly than come tell lock what come do. Today, there is more emphasis on working in teams and also team building. Most contemporary managers emphasize teamwork and also cooperation fairly than discipline and order giving.
Measuring performance loved one to objectives and standards is part of ___________.a. Controllingb. Using technical skillsc. Decision makingd. Directing
controlling The control role measures performance loved one to the to plan objectives and standards, rewards world for occupational well done, and takes corrective action when needed.
Cara began a small business a small less than 10 year ago. The service employed several social workers and also nurses the visited and cared for persons who had actually left hospital care, but were not quite ready to it is in on their very own at home. As the CEO of the firm, Cara made decision it to be time to hire a business operations manager and also a marketing manager to take care of the details that the business. I m sorry of the following attributes of management was Cara mainly performing?a. Planningb. Organizingc. Controllingd. Leading
organization Cara was performing the organizing duty of management. By hiring added employees, she was creating the framework of the organization.
Which of the complying with is not characteristic of a leader?a. A leader will emphasize this firm ethics.b. A leader will always attempt to keep operations indigenous changing.c. A leader will develop corporate values.d. A leader has a vision and also rallies others approximately the vision.
A leader will constantly attempt to store operations from changing.Leaders: (1) connect a vision and also rally others around it, (2) establish corporate values, (3) encourage corporate ethics, (4) adopt change, and also (5) anxiety accountability and also responsibility.
As supervisors perform all 4 management functions, we acknowledge that ________ is required. Because that example, as soon as making plans, the manager must commonly choose in between two or three alternatives, that have pros and cons.a. Operational planningb. Decision makingc. Tabulatingd. Tactical planning
decision makingDecision making is happening throughout the procedure of performing all managerial functions. Managers usually have to choose in between or among two or an ext alternative ways to proceed.
After 8 year of functioning for a agency that mounted underground sprinkling equipment for golf courses, Jake was ready to endeavor into his very own business. Together he prepared his SWOT analysis, he evaluated wherein he stood at this time. He was fortunate to have $100,000 jae won to obtain the business under way. That knew that three experienced installers who were willing and interested to work-related for him, and also he was conscious that new construction was at an all-time low, with number of residential properties being foreclosed. In reviewing his list, you would categorize these occasions as __________.a. Three opportunities and also one weaknessb. Two strengths and also one opportunityc. 3 opportunities and also one threatd. Two strengths and one threat
two strengths and one danger Jake had actually two staminas (these are internal to the operation): (1) $100,000 financing, (2) three skilled installers. He had one hazard (external to the operation): (1) negative economy evidenced by very little new construction and also property foreclosures.

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Which of the complying with leadership styles concentrates on making decisions without consulting others?a. Autocraticb. Team-basedc. Participatived. Plutonomous
autocratic Autocratic leadership entails making managerial decisions there is no consulting others. Together a layout is reliable in emergencies and when pure followership is needed—for example, once fighting fires.<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Chapter 11","id":"102020592","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"nelcy_sweet">; QLoad(""); return;})}<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Chapter 11","id":"102020592","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"nelcy_sweet">; QLoad(""); return;;window.location.assign("");" id="1-102020592">