Only a couple of politicians have actually been controversial enough, enigmatic enough, or outrageous enough to become a meme. Ted Cruz, a winter baby from Calgary, has managed to organize that certain spotlight an ext than once. However I’m going come say what anyone else won’t: Ted Cruz does no look prefer that sketch of the Zodiac Killer. They bear about as lot of a passing resemblance as any type of two white dads picked out of a crowd. The just thing lock share is the level look of hopelessness in their eyes. However fear not; Cruz is a guy of many faces, i m sorry is come say the a lot of world look favor him. Below are my an individual top 5 Ted Cruz lookalikes.

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1: Spiderus from miss out on Spider’s sunny Patch

Source: miss Spider’s clear Patch friends (Treehouse TV)

I watched this show a lot as a kid, and Spiderus’ nihilistic feeling of humour played a big part in shaping my own. I never thought I’d be here today, comparing him come an American politician, but his broad jaw and pained smile are unmistakably Cruz-ian.

2: This guest top top Maury

Source: The Maury present (Syndicated)

Poor Searcy Hayes became a quick internet emotion after appearing on the Maury Show, not due to the fact that of the fact that she was unsure who fathered she child, but because she bear an for sure uncanny resemblance to the great junior senator. Notably, she was later readily available $10,000 to show up in one adult film. Go Searcy!

3: Kevin Malone

Source: The Office (NBC)

Kevin Malone: the man, the (cookie) monster, the chili-making legend. Kevin looks around how ns think Ted Cruz would look without the immeasurable despair in his eyes, and with a small less hair.

4: Nicolae Ceaușescu

Source: Salt & Pepper

To be clear: ns am no comparing Ted Cruz come a dictator because of politics policy. These 2 just occur to look incredibly similar. That nose? The same. Unyielding and inescapable hauntedness written throughout their confront every waking moment of their lives? THE SAME.

5: Grandpa Munster

Source: The Munsters (CBS)

Of everyone on this list, Grandpa Munster actually looks the closest to Cruz. They have actually the exact same nose and face shape, and both of them more than likely sleep in coffins and wither at the tenderness caress the daylight.

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In the end, us really are simply living in a human being of Ted Cruzes. You will do be surprised just exactly how many human being have a comparable face to his. Nothing look too hard at the following gas station attendant friend see, or the next suit walking the end of that big office structure down the street. Friend might concerned the same awful realization as I have: every of us are Ted Cruz. Therefore is every one of nature. Under to the atom, we room him and also he is us. Shot not to think about it.

Payton Ferguson is a English major by day, 2019-20 Opinion Editor for The Gateway by night (and also day). She enjoys long walks to the fridge, writing until her wrists ache, and also bombarding society media with images of she chihuahuas.

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