Boxing is a dangerous, difficult sport, but Terence "Bud" Crawford has a knack because that making that look every too simple at times. Fighting in front of a favorable hometown crowd at the CenturyLink center in Omaha, Nebraska

, on Saturday night, Crawford (30-0, 21 KOs) ran circles around challenger john Molina Jr. (29-7, 23 KOs), beating him via one eighth-round technical knockout through breathtaking ease. The fight was a series of increasingly desperate rounds because that Molina, that simply had no answer because that Crawford"s timing, movement and precision. After acquisition seven-plus ring of punishment, Molina goaded Crawford into a slugfest in the eighth, and also the champion comment by pummeling him into a corner and forcing the referee to step in between the two and also call the bout. 

Here"s a look in ~ the end of the bout, via HBO Boxing:

Bible that Boxing

Crawford stop Molina late in ring 8. It was a one-sided beating from beginning to end.

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Ring summed it up in two brief sentences:


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budcrawford402 ring 1 Domination. #CrawfordMolina

The stakes for the bout dropped significantly when Molina showed up in ~ the pre-fight weigh-in four pounds end the 140-pound limit. Due to the fact that Molina couldn"t drop the crucial weight ~ the very first failed weigh-in, Crawford did not need to put his WBC and WBO people lightweight title on the line, per"s Dan Rafael.

Of course, the crest don"t it seems ~ to matter much to Crawford. The exact same goes because that opponents" styles, sizes and also techniques. He has actually the devices to get rid of them all. 

Molina showed one more level in his upset success over Ruslan Provodnikov in June. The jabbed his method to a decision victory in this one, one encouraging advance and one the he might"ve to be able to combine with his superior height and also reach end Crawford to strong effect.

Unfortunately for Molina, that was decidedly not the case. 

Crawford came out a bit faster than he has in few of his more recent fights, effortlessly switching from orthodox to southpaw in the first round and settling right into a comfortable in-and-out rhythm early on in the contest.

HBO Boxing listed highlights native the first round: 

Michael Woods

It's prefer they do Molina undertake leaded boots

Powerful left shots to the body had actually Molina rattled early on, and also it wasn"t long prior to he to be holding on to Crawford and pawing far shots that come hard and also fast come his head.

Boxing reporter Michael Woods listed Molina was having trouble moving beforehand on: 


johnmolinajr135 is obtaining hit v everything but the kitchen sink." -
shotfighter26 #CrawfordMolina

Despite having challenge following Crawford approximately the ring, Molina"s toughness was readily apparent and got him right into a couple of good spots. He landed a good right-handed hook in the third round the backed up Crawford and also kept the Omaha aboriginal on his earlier foot because that stretches of the fourth.

Crawford never ever really allow Molina heat him up for a big shot after the third-round blast, calculation the latter"s substantial power moot. 

He retained a good bounce around the ring, moving around from next to side and also catching an significantly off-kilter Molina through wide-open shots to the jaw that he had actually no opportunity of defending. It to be akin to watching who play one increasingly complicated game the Whack-A-Mole, only if the moles had actually mallets that their own to struggle back.

Actress Rosie Perez express surprise as soon as the fight got to the eighth round: 

Perez wouldn"t it is in surprised lot longer, as Molina failure to reach the next bell. Crawford landing a pair of big shots, donate his opponent into the corner and signed turn off on the fight v a flourish. 

Molina has actually now lost six of his last 11 bouts and also has now been stopped three time in his career. The win over Provodnikov earlier in the year can prove to be a high-water note for the later stage the his career, as he"s i can not qualify to get many large chances to display himself moving forward.

Crawford must now look for out the biggest and also best difficulties he deserve to find. His unanimous-decision win over Viktor Postol in July was a major stepping stone for his career.

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A fight with Manny Pacquiao is the big-ticket possibility if Crawford renders the jump to the welterweight division and the Filipino superstar is certainly game. It would be a major treat for boxing fans, together Crawford has proven himself time and time again as a fighter who constantly brings sublime stuff into the ring.