Our panel of ripe college football experts make predictions because that 20 games, both directly and versus the spread.

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TCU Horned Frogs quarterback Max Duggan (15) prevents a safety and security attempt by Texas Longhorns protective lineman Malcolm Roach (32) throughout the second quarter of one NCAA soccer game in between the college of Texas and also TCU ~ above Saturday, October 26, 2019 in ~ Amon G Carter stadion in fort Worth.(Ashley Landis / employee Photographer)
Another mainly of university football is top top us, which means another main of college choose from The Dallas Morning News’ dashboard of university football experts.

This week, the crew tackles 20 that the biggest gamings of the slate, both straight and versus the spread. And also it’s another week complete of huge matchups for local schools.

Fresh off putting up 70 points against fellow in-state rival Texas Tech, the Texas Longhorns will take trip to the Metroplex to take on TCU. The Horned Frogs have won six of the last 7 matchups in this rivalry.

Texas A&M will look come rebound after a disappointing loss come Arkansas by acquisition on Mississippi State. And also unbeaten Baylor, among college football’s most pleasant surprises of the season, will look to continue to be perfect together it travels to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State.

Enjoy the picks because that those three gamings -- and also 17 others -- below, courtesy of Tallysight.

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Scott Bell, Assistant sports Editor. Scott is SportsDay's command digital strategist. He also currently monitor coverage that the Morning News' university football, university basketball, Dallas Stars and golf coverage. He has actually been a part of the SportsDay team because 2010 and has previously led HS, Mavericks and soccer coverage. Front to relocating to Dallas, he functioned at the Detroit free Press.





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