More 보다 a decade ago, Teyana Taylor made her debut top top network television throughout her appearance on MTV’s My at sight Sweet 16, and after securing her recent partnership, she celebrated by happen a sentimental moment full circle. 

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It was recently announced that Teyana would certainly be named creative Director of Pretty little Thing, and also on Jan. 25, the agency released a '90s-inspired collection that featured among Teyana’s most famed heirlooms. When old institution fans of the “Wake up Love” singer may recognize the truth behind this Easter egg, others space dying come know: What’s up through the bicycle in Teyana Taylor’s recent marketing campaign? 

So, those the reality behind the bike in Teyana Taylor’s latest marketing campaign with Pretty tiny Thing?

Fans of MTV’s My supervisor Sweet 16 mental Teyana Taylor’s episode, where she to be gifted a record address Pharrell, a range Rover, and also a blinged-out bike, which also appears in photos for Teyana’s first campaign as an imaginative Director for Pretty small Thing. She created on Instagram, “My day ones know where this bike is from, YES i STILL have actually IT!” 

In a vault interview through Vanity Fair, Teyana, who originally announced her cooperation with the company last December for her 30th birthday, claimed that looking earlier she deserve to acknowledge the the episode featured a couple of cringeworthy moments. Teyana explained, “Oh mine god. I think the critical time I even watched it was as soon as I walk Where room They Now? through MTV ... I was simply like, oh my god. That was me?”

Despite having a very successful job in entertainment, Teyana said that she has constantly gravitated toward a job in fashion, making her recent teamwork with Pretty little Thing a perfect task for the songstress. 

She explained, “You understand I’ve always had a boss mentality. I constantly felt favor my trip was to aid others carry their visions to life. I’ve always been one overseer, simply wanting to be 100 percent creatively involved in every little thing I do. Being a an innovative director, the isn’t just sitting under at the board, i won’t be sitting at a table just designing.”


As creative Director, the entertainer claims that she is most excited to explore her flexibility as an artist. Teyana concluded, “You get to really discover your ideas. Over there is so much much more you acquire to carry out — it’s yes, really exciting and also I’ve had actually so much flexibility to be permitted to design this repertoire from scrape with the team. I would never simply put my surname on something and also not want to be fully involved and also totally placed my all right into it.”

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Pretty small Thing’s throwback collection, which was released Jan. 25, is only among the many celebrity-inspired collections the the agency has released end the past few years — consisting of their partnerships through Saweetie, Jordyn Woods, and Lil Kim, that Teyana payment tribute to during her performance at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors in 2016. Teyana's notice comes just two year after her collaboration with Pretty tiny Thing and Karl Kani. 

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