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"That"s just how You Feel" is a song by Canadian rapper Drake. That was developed by Noel Cadastre. The tune samples Nicki Minaj"s city on the remix that the team PTAF "Boss Ass Bitch". The song almost entirely attributes Drake rapping and also only contains a few lines provided by Minaj, from her performance of she verse ~ above "Boss Ass Bitch", live at strength 106"s PowerHouse at the Honda facility in Anaheim. The song additionally features additional background vocals through DJ Boof. Commercially, the track peaked at number 37 top top the us Billboard warm 100 and also entered the height 30 on hot R&B/Hip-Hop song charts. An ext »

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Yeah, wooI"m just in the reduced sittin" sidewaysWay that you lookin" every the timeTime gets to tickin" and also it takes a tollTold you i couldn"t really attract the lineLine ringin", sayin" that you told the thingsThings that you could"ve retained insideSidetrackin" me when I was an excellent to youYou were someone I would stand behindI recognize you prefer to drink "til the sun upGrind "til friend come upWork every winter, shine every summerRide for her brotherYou dice for her motherKeep the shit a hunnaI understand you wannaVacay come a place where friend couldTake pictures, article on InstaYour friends say they miss out on yaBut lock don"t really miss yaRule number one to be a ceo ass bitch (uh-huh)Never let a clown nigga try to play friend (okay)If that play you, then ascendancy number two (okay)Is f*ck his best friends and also make "em yes men (okay)(Wow, that"s exactly how you feel?)I"m simply in the cut sittin" sidewaysWay the you lookin" every the timeTime and also it left you with a broken heartHardly excuses how you play v mineMindin" my business and also you present upUp to no good, i should"ve seen the signsSignin" me increase to carry out your dirty workWorkin" to shot to acquire you off my mindI understand you favor to drink "til the sun upGrind "til girlfriend come upWork every winter, shine every summerRide for her brotherYou die for your motherKeep that shit a hunnaI recognize you wannaVacay come a location where friend couldTake pictures, post on InstaYour friends to speak they miss out on yaBut castle don"t really miss out on yaWhat the f*ck, this ain"t Chanel, nigga? custom down?What the f*ck, ns ain"t smokin" hot? Bust me down?You the exact same clown nigga the was runnin" me down?Now you all up in my "cause you wanna be down (okay)(Wow, that"s just how you feel?)

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Drake Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian pop star, singer, songwriter, and also actor. He to be born in Toronto, Ontario.

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He first garnered recognition for his role as Jimmy Brooks on the television collection Degrassi: The next Generation. More »