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t him through; he dropped and passed away before the curtain of the sanctuary of the Lord. 

20. And once the hour of salutation came, for Zacharias daily blessed the clergymans, he did not come. 

21. And after waiting lengthy the clergymans visited the Divine Place and also discovered the body of the dead. 

22. And tbelow was grief, deep grief, in all the land also. 

23. Now Herod sat upon his throne; he did not seem to move; his courtiers came; the king was dead. His sons reigned in his stead.



Education of Mary and Elizabeth in Zoan


Archelaus reigns. Mary and Elizabeth through their sons are in Zoan and are taught by Elihu and also Salome. Elihu"s introductory leschild. Tells of an interpreter.

1. THE kid of Herod, Archelaus, reigned in Jerusalem. He was a selfish, cruel king; he put to fatality all those who did not honor him. 

2. He c


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