Which the the following is a advantage to an organization that implements a budget?A) Budgets assist managers emphasis their attention on the future demands in one organization.B) Budgets assist managers enhance their decision-making processes in one organization.C) Budgets help the manager boost the an inspiration of employee in the workplace.D) every one of the above
"The substantial budget" is finest described through which of the adhering to terms?A) operation budgetB) Sensitivity evaluation C) duty centerD) grasp budget
The ________ budget plan is the only budget plan stated just in units, no dollars. A) productionB) salesC) direct materials D) manufacturing overhead
The production spending plan is straight used to prepare which of the adhering to budgets?A) straight Materials budgetB) Sales budgetC) funding Expenditures budgetD) Operating prices budget
The amount of straight materials needed for manufacturing is calculate by:A) subtracting units to create from the quantity of direct materials compelled per unit.B) splitting units to produce by the amount of straight materials compelled per unit.C) including units to develop to the amount of direct materials compelled per unit.D) multiplying units to develop by the quantity of direct materials required per unit.

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On the direct materials budget, the complete quantity of straight materials to it is in purchased is computed as A) quantity required for production + preferred end perform of DM - beginning inventory of DM.B) systems to be produced + desired end inventory of DM - beginning inventory of DM. C) devices to be produced - preferred end list of DM + start inventory of DM.D) quantity needed for production - preferred end perform of DM + start inventory DM.
The ________ spending plan starts v the number of units to it is in produced.A) productionB) operating expenseC) direct laborD) all of these choices start v the number of units to it is in produced.
Which the the complying with budgets usually reflects separate sections because that fixed and also variable costs?A) direct materials and manufacturing overhead budgetB) production overhead budget and also production budgetC) manufacturing budget and manufacturing overhead budgetD) Operating prices budget and manufacturing overhead budget
Collections the cash indigenous sales show up on what budget?A) Sales budgetB) linked Cash budgetC) Budgeted income statementD) no one of the over answers is correct.
A company"s plan borrowings and also repayments appear on theA) capital expenditure budget.B) manufacturing budget. C) operating costs budget.D) linked cash budget.
Which of the following choices reflects the appropriate order that preparing components of the understand budget?1. Production budget2. Sales budget3. Direct materials budgetA) 2, 3, 1B) 1, 3, 2C) 3, 1, 2D) 2, 1, 3
The last step in the ready of the financial budget plan is the preparation of i m sorry of the following?A) master budgetB) Cash budgetC) operating budgetsD) Budgeted balance sheet
A(n) ________ is a very closely predetermined expense that is usually expressed top top a every unit basis.a. Allocated expense b. Applied costc. Standard costd. Versatile cost
An instance of a favorable variance is: A) material prices are higher than budgeted. B) Actual prices are less than budgeted. C) Budgeted straight labor prices are less than yes, really costs. D) really sales are much less than budgeted.
The volume variance and the spending variance merged explain the: A) master budget variance B) performance variance C) price variance D) difference between budgeted income based on actual systems sold and budgeted income based upon budgeted systems sold.
Which the the complying with may cause a favorable volume variance the the sales?A) yes, really net revenue for the subunit is better than budgeted net income.B) really sales in dollars are better than the master spending plan sales in dollars.C) The flexible budget plan sales in dollars are higher than the master budget sales in dollars.D) yes, really sales in dollars are much less than the master spending plan sales in dollars.
An example of a favorable variance is: A) product prices are greater than budgeted. B) Actual costs are less than budgeted. C) Budgeted direct labor prices are less than yes, really costs. D) really sales are much less than budgeted.
If the actual amount of direct material provided in production exceeded the traditional quantity permitted (based on actual systems produced), there was: A) A favorable straight materials quantity variance. B) negative direct products quantity variance. C) negative direct products price variance. D) an adverse flexible budget plan variance.
A favorable direct materials price variance shows which that the following?A) The actual expense of materials purchased was higher than the standard expense of products purchased.B) The standard price of materials purchased was much less than the actual cost of products purchased.C) The Actual amount (AQ) of materials used was much less than the standard amount of materials used for actual production.D) The standard cost of products purchased was greater than the actual expense of materials purchased.

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Jacob Wolf agency had a favorable direct labor flexible spending plan variance. It would certainly not be possible for the direct labor rate and efficiency variances, respectively, to be: A) unfavorable; unfavorable B) favorable; favorable C) favorable; unfavorable D) unfavorable; favorable
A company"s purchasing department negotiates all of the to buy contracts for raw materials. I m sorry variance is most useful in assessing the performance of the purchasing department?A) direct materials quantity varianceB) direct materials price varianceC) direct labor rate variance D) straight labor efficiency variance
Which variance is directly influenced if a worker drops the life material during production and the raw material must be discarded?A) straight materials quantity varianceB) straight materials price varianceC) direct labor rate varianceD) direct labor efficiency variance
The straight materials flexible budget plan variance can be separated into which of the adhering to two variances?A) Price variance and also the price varianceB) Price variance and also the traditional varianceC) Price variance and the amount varianceD) amount variance and also the effectiveness variance
The direct labor variance deserve to be separated into 2 variancesA) rate variance and price variance.B) price variance and usage variance.C) price variance and efficiency variance.D) price variance and also efficiency variance.
A firm receives an uncommonly high variety of orders in a month. To produce every one of the orders in ~ the scheduled days of delivery, the firm pays employees an extra $8 every hour because that every hour that overtime the employees work. I m sorry of the following variances might be straight impacted?A) straight materials price varianceB) straight materials amount varianceC) direct labor effectiveness varianceD) direct labor rate variance
True or False; The investment income of a 401 (k) Account is taxable come the employee in the year earned


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