1. Budgeting requires ________.a. Establishing particular goalsb. Executing to plan to accomplish the goalsc. Regularly comparing actual results with the goalsd. Every one of these selections are correct.

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2. Budgeting affects all of the complying with managerial functions other than ________.a. Planningb. Directingc. Controllingd. None of these selections are correct.
The duty of developing an yearly budget is typically assigned to ________.a.the CEOb. The budget plan committeec. The board of directorsd. The stockholders
The an initial step in prepare a flexible spending plan is come ________.a. Recognize the fixed and variable expense componentsb. Prepare the budget for each task levelc. Recognize the relevant activity levelsd. None of these selections are correct.
A budget plan that reflects the expected outcomes of a responsibility facility for only one task level is recognized as a __________ budget.a. Staticb. Zero-basedc. Flexibled. Solitary activity
A master budget plan includes ________.a. Gaue won budgetsb. A sales budgetc. Price budgetsd. Every one of these selections are correct.
The jae won budgets provide information because that the budgeted ________.a. Income statementb. Balance sheetc. Statement of cash flowsd. Nobody of these selections are correct.
All the the complying with are integrated into the price of goods sold budget plan except the __________ budget.a) direct labor costb) direct materials purchasesc) manufacturing facility overhead costd) selling and administrative expenses
The __________ is often used as the beginning point because that the selling and also administrative costs budget.a. Sales budgetb. Factory overhead expense budgetc. Production budgetd. Expense of items sold budget
Which the the adhering to formulas determines the budgeted units to it is in produced?a. Expected Units come Be offered - preferred Units in ending Inventory + estimated Units in start Inventoryb. Meant Units come Be sold - desired Units in finishing Inventory - estimated Units in start Inventoryc. Supposed Units to Be marketed + wanted Units in ending Inventory + approximated Units in beginning Inventoryd. Expected Units to Be marketed + wanted Units in ending Inventory - estimated Units in start Inventory
d. Meant Units to Be sold + preferred Units in ending Inventory - approximated Units in start Inventory
All of the complying with budgets are thought about financial budgets except the __________ budget.a. Cashb. Capital expendituresc. Salesd. None of these selections are correct.
A budget that estimates the supposed receipts (inflows) and payments (outflows) of cash because that a period of time is referred to as a __________ budget.a. Salesb. Resources expendituresc. Cashd. No one of these options are correct.

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Principal components of a master spending plan includea. Capital expenditures budgetb. Manufacturing budgetc. Sales budgetd. All of these selections are correct.
The budget procedure involves doing all of the adhering to excepta. Executing plan to attain the goalsb. Periodically comparing actual outcomes with the goalsc. Dismissing all supervisors who fail to accomplish operational purposes specified in the budgetd. Establishing certain goals
Budgets have to be fair and also attainable because that employees to think about the budget plan important in your normal everyday activities. Which of the following is not thought about a human actions problem?a. Permitting goals to it is in so low the employees build a "spend that or lose it" attitudeb. Setting goals too tightly do it difficult to accomplish performance expectationc. Permitting employees the chance to it is in a part of the budget processd. Setting goals among managers that dispute with one another
When management seeks to achieve an individual departmental objectives that may work come the hinderance of the entire company, the manager is experiencinga. Cushionsb. Goal conflictc. Paddingd. Budgetary slack
Budgeting support the planning process by encouraging all of the following activities excepta. Requiring all organizational units to create their purposes for the upcoming periodb. Directing and also coordinating operations during the periodc. Improving in its entirety decision make by considering every viewpoints, options, and cost reduction possibilitiesd. Enhancing the an ideas of managers and employees by offering agreed-upon expectations
The budget that summarizes future plans because that the salvation of resolved assets isa. Manufacturing budgetb. Straight materials purchases budgetc. Sales budgetd. Funding expenditures budget