You have several alternatives when you want to go into data manually in Excel. You can get in data in one cell, in numerous cells at the same time, or on an ext than one worksheet at once. The data the you enter can it is in numbers, text, dates, or times. You can format the data in a range of ways. And, there are several setups that you can adjust to make data entry simpler for you.

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This topic walk not describe how to usage a data type to enter data in worksheet. For much more information about working through data forms, see Add, edit, find, and delete rows by making use of a data form.

Important: If friend can"t go into or edit data in a worksheet, it could have been protected by girlfriend or someone rather to avoid data indigenous being adjusted accidentally. Top top a protected worksheet, girlfriend can choose cells to see the data, yet you won"t be able to kind information in cell that room locked. In many cases, you must not eliminate the defense from a worksheet unless you have permission to perform so native the person who created it. To unprotect a worksheet, click Unprotect Sheet in the Changes group on the Review tab. If a password was set when the worksheet security was applied, you must first type that password to unprotect the worksheet.

Enter message or a number in a cell

On the worksheet, click a cell.

Type the number or message that you desire to enter, and also then press get in or TAB.

To get in data ~ above a new line within a cell, go into a heat break by pressing ALT+ENTER.

Enter a number that has a resolved decimal point

On the File tab, click Options.

In Excel 2007 only: Click the Office Button , and also then click Excel Options.

Click Advanced, and also then under Editing options, pick the Automatically insert a decimal point check box.

In the Places box, enter a confident number for digits to the best of the decimal suggest or a an unfavorable number for digits come the left that the decimal point.

For example, if you enter 3 in the Places box and then form 2834 in a cell, the value will appear as 2.834. If you get in -3 in the Places box and then kind 283, the value will it is in 283000.

On the worksheet, click a cell, and also then go into the number that you want.

Data that you typed in cells prior to selecting the Fixed decimal choice is not affected.

To temporary override the Fixed decimal option, kind a decimal allude when you go into the number.

Enter a date or a time in a cell

On the worksheet, click a cell.

Type a day or time as follows:

To get in a time the is based upon the 12-hour clock, get in the time adhered to by a space, and also then type a or p ~ the time; because that example, 9:00 p. Otherwise, Excel enters the time as AM.

To enter the current date and time, push Ctrl+Shift+; (semicolon).

When you get in a day or a time in a cell, it appears either in the default day or time format for your computer or in the layout that was applied to the cell before you gone into the day or time. The default date or time style is based on the date and time setups in the Regional and also Language Options dialog box (Control Panel, Clock, Language, and Region). If these setups on your computer system have been changed, the dates and also times in your workbooks that have actually not been formatted by utilizing the Format Cells command are displayed according come those settings.

To use the default day or time format, click the cell that consists of the date or time value, and then press Ctrl+Shift+# or Ctrl+Shift+

By make multiple worksheets energetic at the very same time, you deserve to enter new data or readjust existing data on among the worksheets, and also the changes are used to the same cells on every the selected worksheets.

Click the tab that the very first worksheet that has the data the you desire to edit. Then host down Ctrl while girlfriend click the tabs of other worksheets in which you want to synchronize the data.


On the active worksheet, choose the cell or selection in i m sorry you desire to edit existing or enter new data.

In the energetic cell, type new data or edit the present data, and then press get in or Tab to relocate the selection to the next cell.

The alters are used to all the worksheets that you selected.

Repeat the previous action until you have actually completed beginning or modifying data.

To release a choice of multiple worksheets, click any type of unselected worksheet. If an unselected worksheet is not visible, you can right-click the tab of a selected worksheet, and also then click Ungroup Sheets.

When you go into or edit data, the changes impact all the selected worksheets and can inadvertently change data that you didn"t mean to change. To help avoid this, you can view every the worksheets at the very same time to recognize potential data conflicts.

On the View tab, in the Window group, click New Window.

Switch come the new window, and then click a worksheet that you want to view.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 because that each worksheet that you want to view.

On the View tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All, and then click the choice that you want.

To check out worksheets in the active workbook only, in the Arrange Windows dialog box, pick the Windows of active workbook check box.

There are several setups in Excel that you can change to assist make hand-operated data entrance easier. Part changes influence all workbooks, some influence the whole worksheet, and also some affect only the cells that you specify.

readjust the direction for the enter key

When you push Tab to get in data in number of cells in a row and also then press enter at the finish of the row, by default, the choice moves to the begin of the following row.

Pressing enter moves the selection down one cell, and pressing Tab move the selection one cell to the right. You cannot readjust the direction that the relocate for the Tab key, yet you can specify a different direction for the go into key. Changing this setting affects the whole worksheet, any type of other open worksheets, any kind of other open workbooks, and all new workbooks.

On the File tab, click Options.

In Excel 2007 only: Click the Office Button , and also then click Excel Options.

In the Advanced category, under Editing options, pick the After pushing Enter, relocate selection check box, and also then click the direction the you desire in the Direction box.

Change the broad of a column

Click the cell because that which you desire to adjust the shaft width.

On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format.


Under Cell Size, do among the following:

To fit all text in the cell, click AutoFit column Width.

To clues a bigger column width, click Column Width, and also then kind the width the you desire in the Column width box.

Note: As an alternate to raising the width of a column, you can change the format of that obelisk or also an separation, personal, instance cell. For example, friend could adjust the date format so that a day is shown as just the month and also day ("mm/dd" format), such together 12/31, or stand for a number in a clinical (exponential) format, such together 4E+08.

Wrap message in a cell

You can display multiple currently of message inside a cabinet by wrapping the text. Wrapping text in a cell does not influence other cells.

Click the cabinet in i beg your pardon you desire to plunder the text.

On the Home tab, in the Alignment group, click Wrap Text.


Note: If the message is a long word, the characters won"t wrap (the word won"t it is in split); instead, you can widen the obelisk or diminish the font size to watch all the text. If all the message is not visible after you wrap the text, you might have to adjust the elevation of the row. ~ above the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format, and then under Cell Size click AutoFit Row.

For much more information on pack text, view the short article Wrap message in a cell.

Change the layout of a number

In Excel, the layout of a cell is different from the data that is save in the cell. This display difference can have a significant effect when the data is numeric. For example, once a number the you get in is rounded, usually only the shown number is rounded. Calculations usage the really number the is save in the cell, no the formatted number the is displayed. Hence, calculations might show up inaccurate since of rounding in one or much more cells.

After you form numbers in a cell, girlfriend can adjust the format in i m sorry they room displayed.

Click the cabinet that includes the numbers that you desire to format.

On the Home tab, in the Number group, click the arrow next to the Number Format box, and also then click the layout that friend want.

To select a number style from the list of easily accessible formats, click More Number Formats, and then click the style that you want to use in the Category list.

Format a number together text

For numbers that need to not be calculated in Excel, such together phone numbers, girlfriend can layout them as text by applying the Text layout to empty cells prior to typing the numbers.

Select an empty cell.

On the Home tab, in the Number group, click the arrowhead next to the Number Format box, and then click Text.

Type the numbers that you want in the formatted cell.

Numbers the you entered before you used the Text layout to the cells must be gotten in again in the formatted cells. To conveniently reenter numbers as text, choose each cell, press F2, and also then push Enter.

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