Magma that cools listed below Earth's surface forms ____ rock.

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intrusive igneous
The processes connected in the rock cycle carry out not includecondensation
Foliated rocks are distinguished by _____.layers
Lava the cools conveniently forms ____ rocks.extrusive igneous
Metamorphic rocks can not be developed fromthe formation of minerals from solutions
Quartz is a mineral. Granite is ________a rock
A classification of metamorphic rocks would encompass whether they are ____foliated or nonfoliated
Sedimentary rocks are ________.formed from currently existing rocks that room weathered and eroded
Andesitic rocks have mineral compositions in between those the ____ and basaltic.granitic
The transforms that take place in the absent cycle _____.never create nor ruin matter
Detrial rocks room ____made of pieces of various other rocks
The absent cycle suggests that each form of rock have the right to _____.provide products to make other rocks, form other types of rocks, be adjusted by herbal processes
Pumice, obsidian, and scoria room kinds of ____.volcanic glass
A rock is _____.a mixture the minerals, essential matter, volcano glass, or other materials
The crystals that form in gradually cooling magma are generally _____.large
Detrital rocks are called according to _____.the size and also shape that the sediments
Sedimentary rocks room usually classified together _____.detrital, chemical, or organic
rocks created by transforms in heat and also pressure or the visibility of hot, watery fluidsmetamorphic rocks
rocks developed from molten materialigneous rocks
rocks created from sedimentssedimentary rocks
igneous rocks formed on or near Earth's surfaceextrusive
layered metamorphic rockfoliated
process through whick sediments room pressed together to type rock.compaction
light-colored ignious rocks with a lower thickness than basaltic rocksgranitic
dense, dark-colored igneous rocksbasaltic
metamorphic rocks that don't have layersnonfoliated
process by which large sediments are glued with each other by dissolved minerals to form rockcementation
igneous absent formed listed below Earth's surfaceintrusive
bits the weather rock, minerals, grains, plants, and also animals that have been erodedsediments
model the illustrates the procedures that create and readjust rocksrock cycle
magma that reaches Earth's surface and flows from volcanoeslava
a mixture of minerals, necessary matter, volcano glass, or other materialsrock
Sandstone is an example of _______ rock.sedimentary
Granite is an example of _______ rock.igneous
Rock salt is an instance of _______ rock.sedimentary
Obsidian is an instance of _______ rock.igneous
Gneiss is an example of _______ rock.metamorphic
Slate is an example of _______ rock.

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Limestone is an example of _______ rock.sedimentary