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The Day the World Went Nuclear

Dropping the Atom Bomb and also the End of World War II in the Pacific

Bill O'Reilly


Autumn 1944. World War II is virtually over in Europe, but in the Pacific, Amerihave the right to soldiers confront an foe that will not surrender, despite a substantial and also mounting death toll. At the same time, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer and his team of researchers are preparing to test the deadliest weapon known to mankind. Newly inaugurated president Harry Trumale deals with the most essential political decision in history: whether to usage that weapon.Adapted from Bill O"Reilly"s historical thriller Killing the Rising Sun, via characteristically gripping storytelling, this story explores the decision to use the atom bomb and the end of World War II in the Pacific.

Prayer For The Day the World Went Nuclear: Dropping the Atom Bomb and the End of World War II in the Pacific

The Day the President Was Shot: "History buffs will certainly gain this, and also those for whom the Reagan management is lengthy ago and much away will be taken by an episode that still chills." —BooklistHitler"s Last Days: "A skilltotally organized overwatch of the fall of the Third Reich, O’Reilly’s summary collaborates text through graphic photos for maximum affect." —VOYA, starred review"A valuable additional reresource for social researches students and also WWII buffs." —BooklistKennedy"s Last Days:“A thoabout recorded, visually well-off presentation.” —Kirkus ReviewsLincoln"s Last Days:“This thrillerlike adaptation captures the excitement of the Union victory in the Civil War and the shock and also horror that easily complied with as the nation learned of Lincoln"s death and sought revenge on his assassins. The popularity of O"Reilly"s adult title will drive interest in this variation, however it definitely stands alone and also will find an audience among basic readers and also report writers.” —School Library Journal“Accessible to younger readers.” —Booklist

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