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Equilibrium is a solitary word that embraces many concepts. The largely qualitative use of equilibrium within geomorphology has fostered imprecision and even fully error; as a result the term, for many, has actually degenerated to the standing of a non-corrigible regulative principle. Return a few geomorphologists make an accurate use that equilibria terminology, their precision is invariably shed on the larger audience. Equilibrium is linked with pressure in dynamics, with power in thermodynamics (and probability by extension), and with pure numerical behavior in mathematics. In basic System Theory, equilibrium is derived from thermodynamics but applied, through analogy, almost exclusively come mass. In addition, a completely geomorphic variation of equilibrium (dynamic equilibrium) stems from the work of G. K. Gilbert (1876; 1877) and also is based upon sediment flux in ~ the container scale. Unfortunately, Gilbert\"s concept/term has actually been distorted by some geomorphologists in their attempt to develop linkage between equilibria concepts, especially between those relating to energy and also mass. This document reviews and reconsiders the assorted equilibria concepts. An updated variation of Gilbert\"s dynamic equilibrium based upon sediment carry proposed by Ahnert (n.d.), and also termed by us \"mass flux equilibrium,\" holds promise. In addition, the purely mathematical ide of equilibrium outlined through Howard (1988) has substantial utility, listed union with geomorphological theory is achieved. Offered the difficulty of measure up thermal power in the field, that inefficient usage in nature, and also the hesitation with which the and kind can it is in related, thermodynamic equilibria ideas would appear, presently, to offer geomorphologists only very limited opportunities.

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