The _________ price of interest creates equilibrium between the supply of savings and the need for invest funds
A yield curve the reflects fairly similar borrowing prices for both short-term and long-term loans is dubbed ________.

You are watching: The ________ feature permits the issuer to repurchase bonds at a stated price prior to maturity.

_______ allow the holder to purchase a certain variety of shares that the firm"s usual stock in ~ a specified price end a certain period of time and are occasionally component of a debt agreement.
The ____ value of a shortcut is likewise called its confront value. Binding which market at much less than challenge value room priced at a _______, while bonds which offer at higher than challenge value offer at a ______.
A firm has actually an issue of $1,000 par worth bonds with a 12 percent declared interest rate outstanding. The concern pays interest annually and has 10 years remaining to its maturity date. If bonds of similar risk are right now earning 8 percent, the firm"s shortcut will offer for _____ today.
A firm has the balance paper accounts, common stock, and also paid in resources in excess of par, v values that $10,000 of $250,000 respectively. The firm has actually 10,000 typical shares outstanding. If the firm had actually a par value of $1, the stock originally sold for.....
A firm has an problem of preferred stock outstanding that has actually a stated annual dividend that $4. The forced return top top the desired stock has actually been approximated to be 16 percent. The value of the wanted stock is _______.
Dividends in arrears which have to be payment to the wanted stockholders prior to payment of dividends to common stockholders are.....
An 8 percent wanted stock v a industry price the $100 every share and also $90 par value pays a cash dividend the _______.

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buy the asset, which will certainly drive the price up and cause expected return to reach the level of the required return
The existing price of alphabet corporation share is $16.50 per share. Revenue next year is intended to it is in $2 per share and pay $0.60 in dividends. If the P/E many is 15 times, ~ above average, ABC"s stock price should be?
A firm has actually an issue of $100 par worth bonds through a 12 percent stated interest rate outstanding. The issue pays interest annually and also has 10 years continuing to be to the maturity date. If binding of similar risk are right now EARNING 12 percent, the firm"s shortcut will sell _______ today.
The an ext certain the cash circulation is, the _____ the minimum forced rate of return or risk, and also the _____ that is value