Cap your Elemental Resistances and also get the attributes your gems call for to make sure you deserve to use them all. The pieces need to be Rare through high Life & preferably mana rolls, and of course any lacking Attributes/Resistances. If you space able to acquire Chaos, assignment Damage, or Crit amendment on any type of of the rare slots, this can be a an excellent addition.

My fast list recommended strategy for this build would climate be:

Item Slot Item name Rarity
HeadLife & Mana climate Res/Attributes together needed Rare
Amulet Life & Mana climate Res/Attributes as necessary Rare
Chest spirit Mantle Unique
GlovesLife & Mana then Res/Attributes as needed Rare
Boots Torchoak step Unique
Belt Life & Mana climate Res/Attributes as needed Rare
Rings 2x Kikazaru Unique
WeaponSpell, Chaos dmg with actors speed and crit/crit multi modifiers Rare
Shield Life & Mana best a shaper base with +1 to maximum summoned totem count Rare


A most the higher budget examples can one of two people be purchased or crafted, and also when crafted I would strongly imply utilizing handmade of Exile to identify the cheapest method to make the desired items.

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Since most items in this develop are Rare, the main focus will be to have as much energy Shield as feasible and sort any Attributes & Resistances as necessary to with the preferred caps. However, with that said, there are some juicy choices one deserve to take to rise the build’s efficiency, although that does come through a higher price tag.


In this slot, like most of your other slots, you are looking to get as much Life & mana as you have the right to get. After ~ this, just focus on sorting Resistances & Attributes based upon your needs.



This is the bread & butter of the build as we room utilizing soul Mantle for the free Spell Totem assistance & self-cursing strategy.


This is yet an additional slot whereby you desire as lot Life & Mana as you have the right to get. Focus on Resistances & Attributes, based upon your needs, after ~ that.



Since scaling the life of our totems gives such insane amounts of damages we will be using the really common & cheap unique: Torchoak Step!


This is yet one more slot wherein you want to gain as much Life & Mana together possible, after which girlfriend will want to sort out her Resistances & Attributes, together needed.




In this slot, aside from high Life & Mana and Attributes/Resistances, girlfriend can additionally look look come spend much more currency on equipping an amulet with vital Strike Multiplier mode to scale your damage even further.


The anoint you desire is Ironwood.


Since we room self-cursing through our body armor we must make certain to negate the effect of curses ~ above us, the cheapest method to perform this is the integrate the Yugul minor god from the Pantheon or either Asylum or Sanctum that Thought native the passive skill-tree in combination with 2x Kikazaru rings.


Chaos & Spell damages is the main mod you’re going come want and then any addition of actors speed, crucial strike chance & crucial strike multiplier space the main damage source modifiers you’ll want on her weapon, having Projectile rate on this will certainly be a enormous quality the life enhancement though!



Any shield v high Life & Mana is an excellent here, however, to be optimal you’re walk to desire to acquire yourself a Shaper influenced shield to get the “+1 to maximum summoned totem” modifier i beg your pardon will help scale your damages significantly.



Flask set-ups are almost always a matter of personal taste once it involves what utility flasks come use. However, I will certainly list the set-up I’ve been utilizing for a smooth beat experience:

Slot Flask description
1 w/e
Diamond Flask of w/e
This flask is right here to make certain you have increased crucial strike possibility
2 Seething (or Panicked)
magnificent Life Flask the Staunching
This flask will help you remove any bleed effects on you and instantly heal you on usage when essential
3 w/e
Eternal Life Flask of heat
helps you heal with time if you room taking poison damages or standing in any DoT soil effects, the warm roll additionally removes any type of freeze result on girlfriend
4 Enduring
Eternal Mana Flask the w/e
This is the bread & butter of keeping your mana regen high & rolling consistently thanks come the Enduring modifier not making that stop once you hit full mana
5 w/e
Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
as soon as you pop her Vaal Cold Snap, you’ll want to relocate as quick as you deserve to through as countless enemies together possible; this is the crucial solution to that


Life or Mana for yourself however for damage scaling the key priority is enhanced totem life and also later any sort of an important strike multiplier for spells.

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For distinct jewels, we room using a selection of them some more an essential than others. The optional one being:

Spire of stone whilst the more critical ones being:
Self-Flagellation which help you range increased damages from the whole self-cursing strategy that we’re doing.
Rain of Splinters is supplied to provide us 2 extra projectiles to hit the sweet spot of 6 projectiles every summoned totem as that is the preferably projectiles that deserve to hit a solitary enemy.