Tonight us were ultimately treated come the highly-anticipated Comeback illustration of The Four!

We started out through a funny opening number featuring the existing members that the Four: Jeronelle McGee, Leah Jenea, Ali Caldwall, and also Sharaya J, and also Zhavia and also champion Evvie McKinney native Season 1! indigenous there, we obtained right into the battles, and also we certainly had a many them tonight!

Whitney power vs. Stephanie Zelaya

Whitney began things off with a fierce rendition the “Mama knows Best”. Original 4 member Stephanie adhered to with “Bailamos”, a performance which had actually equal feist and ferocity, finish with a mic slam ~ above the judges’ table! This to be a pretty even battle, however the audience decided Whitney as the winner, who then selected Ali as her foe in a rematch of the an obstacle from previously in the season in i beg your pardon Whitney lost her seat.

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Ali Caldwell vs. Whitney Reign

Ali began with “My All” and, as always, she certainly gave it her all! She worked out the strength of she voice there is no using any kind of “gimmicks” of intimidation, dancing, or jumping about the stage. (Not the those points are always bad, however I don’t think castle would have actually suited this certain performance.) Whitney countered through “Don’t Let walk (Love)” by En Vogue. Her voice wasn’t fairly as on suggest as Ali’s, but her usage of simply the appropriate gestures and facial expressions comprised for it. This was another battle the was nice well-matched.

The judges had a hard decision in between these two, and also it got pretty cook at the table. ~ some…choice words, the first member that the final Four became…Whitney Reign! This was a well-matched battle, and also I think looking at the entire season Ali probably provided slightly stronger performances on the whole, but I think it could have to be the method Whitney carried herself by visibly feeling the music onstage the tipped the scale in her favor.

Lil Bri vs. Dylan Jacobs

Both of this up-and-coming lab artists challenged Sharaya J earlier in the season, but neither regulated to snag she seat. Lil Bri spit out some fast and also furious rhymes through her very own spin the “All I perform Is Win” and she preserved up the trend of fiery performances tonight. Dylan went with “A Milli” and while it wasn’t rather fast and furious together what Lil Bri delivered, that did show more range and range in his skills. The audience voted for Dylan to move forward, and he chose to an obstacle Sharaya J in the 2nd rematch the the evening.

Sharaya J vs. Dylan Jacobs

Sharaya kicked turn off the duel through “Mama claimed Knock you Out”. This was probably her most intense power yet, complete with a hooded cape and some wait punches that come pretty close come Dylan’s face. (Don’t worry, it was all component of Sharaya’s signature theatricality – they hugged that out best afterwards!) Dylan’s beat to be “Quiet Storm” and also while that was definitely smooth and had great flow, it had nowhere near the very same level of power as Sharaya’s large number. The judges’ selection was clear, and the 2nd finalist that The Four Season 2 became…Sharaya J!

Carvena Jones vs. Ebon Lurks

After the wild excitement of those heated rap battles, it to be a nice readjust of pace to slow-moving things under for a bit with some songs ~ above the soulful side. Carvena to be up first with “I Will always Love You”. She sang the song in a way that made it she own; playying up the sweet of her voice and emotion of the song quite than do the efforts to make it sound big and “epic”. “Congratulations” was Ebon’s pick, and also while the performance didn’t have actually any specific special “moments, I found his performance to be an extremely solid and just a tiny bit much more even all the method around. In a narrow vote, the audience selected Carvena to an obstacle one that the staying member of the Four, and she went v Leah.

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Leah Jenea vs. Carvena Jones

Leah performed “Focus” and the song was a great one come showcase her distinctive voice. Carvena countered with “Feeling Good” and also in contrast to her first battle, this number was all around power and also pushing the limits of she voice. It to be disappointing one of these two had actually to go, because I think both conveniently bested Ali and Whitney’s performances from earlier in the episode. However a decision had actually to it is in made, and also the judges selected Leah Jenea together the season’s third finalist!

Jesse Kramer vs. James Graham

This critical Comeback an obstacle of the night to be far and away the best. Jesse rocked out through the standard “Come Together”, in what was conveniently his most exciting and also memorable power of the season. James went with “Writing’s ~ above The Wall” which proved to be a nice comparison to his more upbeat performances the the past, fill with real passion and emotion. The judges praised both guys, yet the audience decided James to battle Jeronelle.

Jeronelle McGee vs. James Graham

Jeronelle determined “All of Me” because that his performance this week, which ended up being the perfect song to suit his wealthy voice. James countered v “Without You” which to be also wonderful vehicle because that him. Prior to the judges revealed their final verdict, DJ Kahled announced he’s dropping a new record tomorrow! Diddy then delivered the news: the last contestant going right into the cool finale would be…James Graham!

So, over there we have it: the final Four are James Graham, Leah Jenea, Whitney Reign, and Sharaya J. Following week we’ll see them fight each other and find out who comes on top as the champion that The Four Season 2!