The story “The golden Kite, the silver- Wind”, have the right to be viewed as an allegory about the Cold War. The the opposite towns, the walls, and the Mandarins in the story all serve as symbols to the war. The towns represent the two opposing claims in the Cold War-the unified States and also Soviet Union. The 2 rival communities in the story symbolize the unified States and also the Soviet Union since they consistently upgrade their walls’ frameworks to continue to be on optimal of your opponent, an in similar way to exactly how the USA and also USSR added copious amounts of boosting nuclear weapons to your stockpiles.

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They never ever combated, yet tried to surpass each other by raising weaponry. The Mandarin of one of the towns, commands, “ou raisers that walls must go bearing trowels and also rocks and adjust the form of our city” (Bradbury 367)! The Mandarin, prefer the USA or USSR, competes with the city of Kwan-Si by bespeak the employees to construct a wall surface that each other “a society which may beat the pig and drive it off” (Bradbury 367).


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The stonemasons and also architects in the story indicate the chemistry plants that were provided to to produce nuclear weapons in the Cold War, and also the walls that the workers construct represent the atom weapons.

The Mandarins’ continuous needs and also commands to enhance the structures of the walls have the right to be contrasted to Joseph Stalin’s and President Truman’s orders come amass the weapons. In spite of the lack of combative violence in the Cold War, the led to economic issues and deaths of human being due to regional civil wars sustained by the war.

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In the story, consequences arose after the city of Kwan-Si rebuilded their wall surface to outdo the other town’s wall, such together “disease, beforehand sorrow, avalanches, grasshopper plagues, and poisoned well water” (Bradbury 368).

The Mandarins’ problem caused much more problems than they expected, equivalent to Stalin’s and also Truman’s role in the Cold War. Moreover, the reconciliation the the 2 mandarins toward the end of the story represent Bradbury’s view on the Cold War. Bradbury writes, “the towns ended up being the city of the gold Kite and the town of the silver Wind . . . And business tended again, and the flesh returned, and an illness ran off favor a fearful jackal” (Bradbury 370), conveying that the unified of 2 regions should exist in order because that the environment to it is in harmonious and fluid. Due to the fact that this story was written during the Cold War, the text ideas that Bradbury feel the war was vacuous, and also that the USA and USSR must stop their extending arms race.

The walls, towns, and also Mandarins space symbols that the atom weapons, the states, and the leaders in the Cold War, respectively, and the unit of the golden kite and silver wind represents the balance that, ideally, should be kept throughout the regions.

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