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It"s Pastry week in the tent on The good British Baking Show, among the standard-issue weeks that has actually been through the show nearly since the dawn of the series. Pastry Week is one of those that constantly falls late in the game but is never quite so difficult to it is in a semi-final. Notably, considering this week"s challenges, the show"s two periods that didn"t have actually a Pastry mainly theme, the collection replaced that wholesale through Pie Week. (Both seasons that skipped it were really early on: collection 2, which has never aired here, and series 3, aka GBBO: The Beginnings.)

Perhaps the fundamental nature of something like Pastry week is why Noel and also Matt can not even destroy it through a crappy opener, resorting to the sad sight of someone eating a shoe. (The less said around their other jokes, the better.) It"s also another sign of just how much this season has actually gone earlier to the basics once it pertains to the challengers because that the bakers, after ~ realizing the the factor the display has remained famous lo this last te is the they weren"t messing v perfection. And also is there yes, really anything more perfect 보다 pastry? I believe there is not.

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Signature Challenge

Exotic on bake Off have the right to only mean one point - PESTO! #GBBO

— brothers Bake off (
BritishBakeOff) October 26, 2021

The Signature challenge for this main is chouxnuts, a blend of choux pastry and fried doughnuts. Choux is a fixture the the series, appearing almost every season, save series 2 and last year"s series 11. Yet fans must note the usually, choux is scheduled for the Pâtisserie semi-final. The critical time the collection had choux on Pastry Week, the was collection 5 (US Season 1)"s eclair showstopper. Coincidentally, that was among the just two seasons (along through last year) wherein the series also had the bakers make doughnuts. (Though they to be the showstopper in breakthrough Dough Week.) together always, the Signature is judged on a Pass/Fail metric.

George "Classic Chouxnuts" (Pass) lock look how amazing neat and tidy! His filled donuts aren"t full, though, bring about Prue to talk about dual holes and squirting, completely unaware that Matt and Paul simply silently died.Jürgen "Exotic Flavour & 70"s Colour" (Pass) They room 70s rainbow riots that color, and both delicate and delicious.Chigs "Oo La La Chouxnuts" (Pass) that did chocolate doughnuts, i m sorry paul loves, and also his filled ones are just to the suggest of bursting without going over.Giuseppe "Bellissima Chouxnuts" (Pass) fine fried, good color, but the to fill ones room overwhelmingly limoncello, i beg your pardon is an excellent if girlfriend love limoncello (Prue) less so if friend don"t (Paul).Crystelle "Mango Maracujá & Miso Caramel Chouxnuts" (Fail) The caramel doughnuts are too savory, as well umami, while the to fill donuts are too chop to host a proper filling.Amanda "Sweet & Savoury Chouxnuts" (Fail) her sweet doughnuts are too sweet, she savory not savory enough.Lizzie "Caramel & Floral Chouxnuts" (Pass) They"re beloved considering exactly how much Lizzie hated the procedure of frying, to the allude that Prue is amazed she can hate do something for this reason tasty.

Technical Challenge

Could baklava be the hardest Technical an obstacle on Bake off ever? #GBBO

— brother Bake off (
BritishBakeOff) October 26, 2021

Paul sets this week"s technological Challenge: To make a gigantic baklava in a pie shape. This is no the an initial time the show has request the bakers to make baklava; it was the Signature difficulty in collection 5"s Pâtisserie semi-final. They"ve likewise asked contestants to do phyllo dough before, in series 4 (Season 2)"s phyllo pie showstopper and series 7 (Season 4)"s phyllo amuse-bouche showstopper. But it is the first time it"s ever before been the blind technological Challenge. Ns will note that Giuseppe"s statement around it being a pain (hassle) is accurate. Currently, over there is no American food preparation competition present that has ever asked contestants to make phyllo dough. The is constantly storebought and provided.

7. Lizzie: The shape is a disaster, and the bottom is soggy6. George: as well dark and also too thick layers5. Amanda: Clumsily decorated, clumsily laminated4. Giuseppe: nicely decorated yet underbaked3. Chigs: Nice and also crisp on the bottom2. Crystelle: The shade is good, and also so is the lamination1. Jürgen: It"s neat and also tidy, through beautiful color and also lamination

Crystelle come in established to be in the peak Three because if she wasn"t, she knew she"d it is in in trouble. She traction it off, beaten just byJürgen, theJürgenator, together he terms himself. He was only quick an "Hasta la bake-off, baby" to make it a truly iconic moment.

Showstopper Challenge

The pie’s the border for Jürgen’s ‘Lunch in Freiburg’ Showstopper. #GBBO

— british Bake turn off (
BritishBakeOff) October 26, 2021

It"s pouring on work 2, which way it"s damp in the tent. Hopefully, the Showstopper an obstacle won"t it is in too impacted by the water in the air, together it"s to do an detailed terrine pie, with elaborate designs out of pie tardy on the external laters and also then expose an internal architecture when you cut into lock far simpler done in the cake than pie.Pies space a clip of Bake-Off, regardless of the renowned season whereby the bakers to be asked to make American Pies, and the result failures to be legendary. There have been entire Pie mainly (or Pie and Tart or Pie and Traybakes) in series 2-5, and Pie difficulties in virtually every other season, indigenous Pie obstacles in series 1 and collection 8-10 come Victorian and Tudor Pies in series 6 and also 7 (Seasons 3 and also 4).

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Traditionally, terrine pies space cold meat pies, but the bakers have the right to make whatever flavor lock like. But cold meat in a heavy pâté type will make doing an internal style far less complicated than, say, apple. Therefore one should expect a most meat pies will certainly be forthcoming. Also, there will be a lot of of hot water crusts made v lard due to the fact that those room far more stable for decorating (and space the traditional crust for meat pies come boot).

Lizzie’s ‘Neptune Pie’ Showstopper is turn off the scale! #GBBO