You don’t should hop a flight to Spain to endure the thrill of a lifetime. Motivated by the world-famousRunning of the Bulls in Spain, The great Bull run brings this time-honored Pamplona heritage to cities throughout the united States. That’s right, the legend Running the the Bulls is lastly here in the U.S. — and you have the right to join in the excitement! feeling the adrenaline rush together you run next to 1,500-pound bulls barreling under a quarter-mile track, climate celebrate with hundreds of revelers in a massive, day-long festival thatfeatures mechanically bulls, dance parties, beer, and also more!

The an excellent Bull operation invites U.S. Thrill-seekers

The an excellent Bull run models chin after the centuries-old gyeongju in Pamplona, wherein brave participants danger life and also limb while dashing together Spain’s prized fighting bulls as they careen down narrow streets. If she in the mood to look real hazard in the eye, mark your calendar and buy your tickets come America’s an excellent Bull operation today.

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This no a simulated bull run; this is the real DEAL. Similar to the animals featured in theSan Fermin Festival bull runs, this beasts room primed to run fast, and also each 2nd of the gyeongju is extremely unpredictable. Though this American bulls are somewhat much less aggressive 보다 those provided in Pamplona, runners still carry out run the threat of sustaining serious injuries. This occasion isn’t because that the faint of heart; participants in the an excellent Bull run must enter the race learning they might be jostled, trampled, bumped, or even gored during the event.

Daredevil experiences Are an ext Fun with Friends

Just how dangerous is the great Bull Run compared to Pamplona’s death-defying races? There are a number of differences that make these operation measurably safer. For one, the animals’ horns space not pointed and sharpened, reducing the risk of goring injuries. Also, participants won’t be scrambling throughout uneven, cobblestone highways with few spots in which to escape, duck, or hide. The U.S. Bull run courses will have actually ample notches, coves, and exit points because that runners to use when needed. The steers or bulls will certainly be set totally free in little groups of 6 at any given time, providing participants a better chance of finishing the course without harm.

The day-long festival also boasts Tomato Royale: an epos tomato hit fashioned after ~ Valencia’s La Tomatina. FOOD FIGHT! Imagine the messy funny of hurling juicy tomato at fellow runners, friends, and strangers with full abandon. Anyone 14 or larger is invite to get involved in the Tomato Royale.

Get your Tickets to Run, watch or Volunteer

Interested in participating in The great Bull Run? events are reserved for Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois, and also Pennsylvania. You have to be 18 year or older v a valid government ID to purchase tickets. Save money and also buy your tickets in advance!

What you get:

One run through the bullsA commemorative soft-cotton t-shirtA commemorative bandanaOne cost-free beer (21+)

Sprinting v bulls isn’t for everyone. Because that those who desire to witness the stunner action, party v friends, ride mechanical bulls, and also make some lasting memories, diminished ticket pricing is likewise available. Spectators locations will feature festival games, live music, food, and plenty of frosty beverages.

Volunteer ticket are additionally on sale and also let you run with the bulls for for free! A tiny deposit is compelled to reserve her spot and will be refunded when your time slot ends.The deposit helps ensure these crucial volunteer positions are filled with only the most specialized thrill-seekers.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Running v the Bulls is a Bucket List endure for many, and also The great Bull run in the joined States provides adventure-aficionados the possibility to grab life by the horns there is no crossing the pond. Pet lovers have the right to rest simple in the knowledge that these festivals carry out not finish in bloody bullfights with matadors, and veterinarians are on hand at every festival to screen the treatment and also health the the bulls at every times.

Get prepared to party prefer it’s Pamplona and adopt your inner daredevil! The good Bull Run assures an extraordinary endure for participants and spectators alike. View you there!


Check out the good bull run gallery, acquire excited, and also start plan your when in a life time experience. Obtain ready to be a component of the distinctive Spanish tradition. The great bull operation brings adrenaline-fueled funny for all. Discover out about all the events featured in the festival, gather her friends and family, and also start planning your trip. Food, drinks, parties, mechanically bulls, games, and the an excellent bull run make the perfect festival for all. Uncover out all around the to run of the bulls.

Participants love the fun and energy during the to run of the bulls, and also they save coming back each year because that more. Call us because that tickets, accommodations, reservations, tours, and also everything you must know about the event. Our guests price our company excellent and find our info really advantageous to prepare for your experiences. Watch part running that the bull photos and videos and also see what this is all about.


The great Bull Run typically Asked Questions

What is the good bull run?The great bull operation is your chance to experience the Spanish-style fiesta. That is the one epic party you don’t wanna miss.When is the an excellent bull run?The to run of the bulls 2020 dates will be announced soon. Store an eye the end for our event schedule.What does it require to run with the bulls?It take away courage, bravery, and preparation. Authorize up for a food to prepare you come run through the bulls today.Do you require a ticket come run v the bulls?Spectator tickets are easily accessible for purchase. Runners don’t require a ticket. Get your to run of the bulls tickets prior to they sell out.Can anyone participate in the bull run?Everyone deserve to participate as spectators, however runners must be over 21 years old. Examine out the to run of the bulls rules and also policies so you don’t acquire kicked out throughout the event.How numerous bulls room in the bull run?Every bull run attributes 5 come 6 bulls. The bulls are approximately 1,500 pounds and they dash through the course. The runners spread out out through different sections that the route based on their skill level.How long is the bull run?The bull run course is no much longer than 1 kilometer. Authorize up for a bull run route tour before the occasion to end up being familiar through the course.


Contact us to watch how deserve to you take part in the real thing. Running through the bulls is a bucket perform item because that many. This Spanish heritage is known worldwide. Guest all periods are welcome, there is lot of of tasks for all. Whether guests room running or city hall the bull run, everyone should prepare and plan in advance. Acquire your to run of the bulls tickets,plan your Pamplona trip, and also make the most out of her experience.

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