Jim Walker, professor the practice, winds and also percussion, graduated v honors from the college of Louisville and also went on to play in the joined States armed forces Academy band at West Point. He ultimately studied with Harold Bennett and eventually winner the associate principal flute position with the Pittsburgh Symphony in 1969. Eight years later, he ended up being principal flutist v the Los Angeles Philharmonic and also began working simultaneously in the recording studios because that jazz/pop sessions, television and also motion pictures and also can be heard on end 600 soundtracks. In 2002, the performed v Paul McCartney at the Academy Awards. In 1980, pedestrian formed totally free Flight, a jazz/classical quartet, resulting in four Tonight Show appearances, 16 recordings and annual tours.

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He is a member that the plank of Advisors, a Burkart Performing Artist and a understand teacher because that the brand-new World Symphony. His flute ensembles and quartets room published and also sold through Flute World, and also he is the writer and also creator that the Young Artist collection for Flute (Alfred Publishing). Walker established the yearly Beyond the Masterclass in 2007, and his student hold many positions in orchestras roughly the world. In enhancement to gift coordinator that flute in ~ the Thornton School, walker travels extensively, offering clinics and also master classes about the world.

Career Highlights:Founder/Flutist v “Free Flight”, 1980-presentLos Angeles Philharmonic- primary Flute, 1977-1985Session Flutist, Los Angeles motion Picture/TV Studios, 1985-2010Pittsburgh Symphony, Associate principal Flute, 1969-1977Louisville Orchestra- Piccolo/Assistant major Flute, 1966
Honors, Awards & Competitions:Recipient, Lifetime success Award from national Flute Association, 2008Recipient, Mellon Mentor teaching Award kind, 2009Recipient, Most beneficial Player compensation from the national Academy of record Arts and also Sciences, 1985, 1986Recipient, differentiated Alumnus native the college of Louisville, 1991 Festivals:Master Teacher, new World Symphony (1991-Present)Founder and also Faculty Member, past The Masterclass (2008-Present)Faculty Member, ABRAF- Campinas Brazil (2010)Guest Artist, Strings in the hills (1995-2006) of Mike Mower, 2010A totally free Flight Christmas, 2004Suite because that Flute & Jazz Trio through C. Bolling, 2003Dancing Hearts, 2003

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Publications:Flute Ensemble collection (Arranged and also Published through Jim Walker, 2011)The of cost-free Flight (Alfred Publishing, 1997)Young Artist Series: Flute (Alfred Publishing, 1995)
Contact(213) 740-7416

Jim Walker ended up being principal flutist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and also began working all at once in the record studios because that jazz/pop sessions, television and motion pictures and can be heard on end 600 sound tracks.