Shane’s at the police station, gift interrogated after Jenny’s death. She’s making use of the possibility to talk around her are afraid of commitment, exactly how she no couples coming to be a “we” rather of two “I”s, and how who else can feel choose they’re falling in love however she feels prefer she’s being caged. This is interesting, and it would have actually been nice to hear more about this previously in the show as an explanation for the motivations of several of Shane’s decisions. Ns not sure if that an ideal topic to comment on while gift interrogated about your girlfriend’s death, though.Jenny’s make a tribute video for Bette and also Tina, that are moving to new York. She beginning by offering them her word the she and Shane will take their place as the perfect couple. Yes, i’m pretty sure Shane and also Jenny shouldn’t have much problem filling the role of a controlling and also passive-aggressive relationship. Well, other than the part about Jenny being dead. That will interfere through the plan.Alice sits Tasha and Jamie under in The earth to talk about Tasha and Jamie’s feelings because that each other. Why isn’t she law this in someone’s house? It appears weird to make this conversation public.Alice begs Tasha to rotate down the Disney songs in her head long sufficient to listen the feelings because that Jamie she’s to be blocking out. Alice even references Tasha’s “thinking is cheating” claim, and says she’s giving her permission come think about it and also be honest around her feelings. Jamie admits that she’s please in love with Tasha, however she’s sorry and also she didn’t want this to happen and also she respects both the them and their relationship and also she’s sure Tasha doesn’t feeling the very same way. Alice interrupts her to say of course Tasha feeling the exact same way. Tasha remains quiet. This is really sad.Alice tells Jamie to fuck off, and ignores Tasha’s insistence that they can not break up over this. She tells Tasha to try being through Jamie, and call her in 24 hrs if she still wants to be with Alice. Climate she gets up and also walks away. No one’s at error here. No one’s excellent anything wrong. They all respect each other. They’ve all tried to be good to each other and also do the appropriate thing. It still didn’t job-related out. Season 6 was pretty terrible, and also the finale is particularly awful, but I still give Alice and also Tasha’s partnership credit because that legitimate emotional impact.Alice is currently in the interrogation room, explaining the the only human she ever loved as lot as Tasha to be Dana. Why is she talking about this while gift interrogated about Jenny’s death? and why is she for this reason composed? Shane was the same method – both the them have to be shaken and also crying. Every little thing their feelings towards Jenny were by the moment that party happened, they knew her for years and found her dead in a pool.Dylan and also Helena are having a monster argument about how Dylan was kicked the end of she place and was hope Helena would ask she to relocate in however Helena doesn’t desire to. Helena’s been drinking a lot because that the last few episodes; supposedly that’s a plot allude too. Why room all these points happening? Doesn’t it seem a tiny late come introduce brand-new storylines?Max shaved off the awful beard and now has an awful moustache. Why can’t they just let him it is in attractive?Max is currently in the interrogation room, speak his LA friends to be snobs in ~ first, yet as he acquired to know them, he realized they to be amazing, special world who that considers family (he actually claims “framily”, which is a mix of friends and family). Remember once Max’s defining character trait was the method he witnessed the finest in people, and believed in allowing others their comfort at every costs? This small flash of that is make me miss out on it therefore much. His current defining personality trait is gift a weird freak (not phone call pregnant guys freaks, however that’s how Max is portrayed, especially since an accidental pregnancy while ~ above T is medically impossible). Also, that sad come hear Max speak so fine of the people who’ve treated him therefore badly because that the last few seasons.Bette tells Kit that the railing ~ above the second floor the her residence isn’t secured. Kit tells her not to let Angelica go close to it, because it’s dangerous. Then a large anvil drops from the sky, and it’s more subtle 보다 the foreshadowing to work here.Bette’s talking about how they have to go v the whole fostering process, and Kit points the end that Max has something she wants, for this reason she could just adopt his baby. “We’re no talking about fucking provided cars, Kit.” …What? i really don’t recognize what Bette is saying here. Bette climate goes on to say she thinks Max has concerned terms v the situation and also is prepared to it is in a father, which would be a slightly reasonable dispute if we had any reason to think it was accurate. But… what? Is she calling Max’s baby a offered car? Is she call Max a used car dealer? A couple of episodes ago, Max begged Bette and Tina to adopt his baby. Why nothing they simply do that? What do provided cars need to do with it?Kit in interrogation: she tells the people that her team of friends is the most loyal group of people she’s ever met, and also they take care of every other better than any other group of people. If Ilene Chaiken yes, really believes it is true… ns worry about Ilene Chaiken’s group of friends.Alice claims something around how Shane isn’t finishing her relationship since she thinks it will kill Jenny. Shane claims it can actually death Jenny, and also Alice asks why that would certainly be a poor thing. “I know you don’t median that,” says Shane. “Maybe i don’t,” states Alice, in a method that implies, “But perhaps I do.” then a huge anvil drops from the sky, and it’s more subtle 보다 this conversation. I really prefer Shane and also Alice sitting approximately on a bed, talking, though. Friendship ~ above this display is nice.Shane is talking around how she feel responsible because that Jenny’s feelings. That a really nice sentiment, and it’s some great character establishment for Shane. The speech would make a lot an ext sense if Shane hadn’t cheated ~ above Jenny. However, Shane does define that she can not break up through Jenny, due to the fact that that would cause Jenny to walk off the deep end. That is a fucked up situation and Shane should obtain out of it, and Jenny should get some significant therapy. She should most likely go back to the psychiatric hospital wherein she stayed after season 2.Helena and Dylan are bickering, and also Helena tells the interrogation people that she never knows if people really care for her, or if they’re only with her for the money. Isn’t that why her mother took the money away? therefore Helena might make friends when poor, and know she’d earn them rather of purchase them?In addition to clips the interrogation tapes, we watch clips native Jenny’s tribute video. Helena speak Bette that she didn’t choose her once they first met due to the fact that her mommy loved Bette therefore much, and also Helena felt like that was too lot to live increase to. It is a little bit of character info that would have actually been interesting to see prior to the collection finale. Over there are also amusing tributes indigenous Phyllis (who gets in a comment about how hot Bette is), and Joyce (who, hilariously, mentions the her organization will take a hit there is no these two constantly having problems).Bette and also Tina room in the center of a sex scene, when Tina looks out the window and sees the stormy railing. She mentions the they should obtain that fixed before everyone comes over for your going far party. Then a large anvil drops native the sky, and also it’s much more subtle 보다 this foreshadowing. Oh, and also Bette says she desires to obtain married once they acquire to brand-new York, and Tina agrees the that need to happen.After hanging out with Alice every night, Shane comes home and also walks by Bette and also Tina, who space sitting exterior their house. Bette asks Shane what she doing the end so early, and also Shane states she’s walking home. Shane makes a joke about what Bette and Tina were doing critical night, due to the fact that they were clearly having sex. That’s specifically what taken place in the pilot. Not simply a little of a callback; that the exact same scene. I mean that, after six seasons of The together Word, I should be used to this level that heavy-handedness.Alice complaining to Shane around Tasha and Jamie feels prefer a more subtle callback to the first couple of seasons, once there was an ext friendship in between Alice and Shane. Alice is talking about how Jamie and also Tasha are so much much more compatible, because they have actually so much in typical with each other and also Tasha has actually so small in typical with Alice (I dislike to to speak it, but… yes, that is the case, they perform have more in typical with each various other than with Alice and they should more than likely be with each other and not v Alice because of that). I love Alice’s imitation that what it must be choose for two human being with so lot in typical to have sex: ” ‘Oh mine god, ns can’t think your nipples acquire hard once you lick them, mine get hard when you lick mine!’ friend know, eventually they should simply stop having sex since they space so the same, they might just masturbate and it would be the very same thing.” the is part season 2-level funny Alice dialogue.So reportedly Kit and Sunset Boulevard (that’s his drag queen name, and I save forgetting his genuine name) consisted of from the fight castle had around him turning out to it is in a directly guy, are together now, and also took Angelica come the zoo. The l Word proceeds its trend of having actually things construct ridiculously quickly. Also, Bette doesn’t want Sunset Boulevard making use of her bathroom since she doesn’t want a man in there. Seriously? She can’t be a little excited around the truth that her sister has a friend (for the first time in end a season), and he seems pretty awesome? No, she has to be weirdly gender essentialist and also believe the being a clean and civilized human being being is women’s work, and not men’s. I’m not going to miss Bette when this show ends.Shane goes come buy Jenny some stuff she requirements for her tribute video.

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Jenny: Wow, i don’t recognize what I’d do without you.

Shane: Oh you will do manage, i’m sure.

Jenny: No i wouldn’t, I’d most likely kill myself. Ns gonna leave whatever to you. You’re mine family.

And then a huge anvil dropped from the sky and killed Jenny.

Bette’s talking about maybe staying house with the children instead of gaining a job when they move to new York. She stated last illustration that she could continue her gallery task with Kelly from new York. What taken place to that idea?Angelica referred to as Sunset Boulevard “Daddy”. He was wearing a sparkly dress as soon as she said it, so ns don’t think it’s going as well far as an imitation the the nuclear family. I wish Sunset Boulevard, and also his relationship with Kit, were emerged more. Yet he appears pretty cool and I favor that things finish up this means for Kit.Okay, so i wasn’t dorn in remembering that Dylan knew the whole time the Niki to be a test. Reportedly she walk know, yet not since Jenny called her. She guessed due to the fact that Jenny didn’t carry out a great enough job of impersonating Niki’s certified dealer on the phone. Then she confessed to Jenny the she knew about the test. Jenny do the efforts to to convince her to tell Helena, yet Dylan refuse to carry out so. For this reason Jenny spilled the bean at Max’s baby shower, to shot to pressure Dylan to do the right thing and admit the she’d recognized all along. However Dylan didn’t admit it, and since Dylan and Helena got back together, Jenny’s been trying again to gain Dylan come tell Helena the truth. For this reason the entirety thing wasn’t in reality Jenny’s fault at all. Oh, and Helena comes right into the studio while they’re talking about this, realizes Dylan lied come her, and breaks up through Dylan due to the fact that she to know she can never to trust her again.“Fuck you, Schechter! You have interfered in mine life enough, now!” – Helena. Because that once, this yes, really wasn’t Jenny’s fault. Dylan figured out that she’d been collection up, however she allow them all think she legitimately pass the test. She also feigned surprise and anger once Jenny spilled the beans at Max’s infant shower, maintaining up the lie. Dylan fucked up here, not Jenny. Jenny to be trying to get her come tell the truth.Look, that Molly. She’s still alive, apparently. She runs right into Shane and also says a bunch of things around how she provided Jenny a letter for Shane, and also Jenny called her how Shane cheated on Molly top top the bike ride. Shane is shocked and also confused since she didn’t cheat top top Molly, and also Jenny never ever told her around the letter. Molly was annoying once she and Shane to be together, however compared to how shitty a connection Shane has with Jenny, this scene is make me miss her.“She really witnessed me for who I am, girlfriend know? She assisted me accept it. That’s one of the most necessary things that’s ever happened in my life. I never ever knew everyone who can see someone’s inner desires and also thoughts quite like Jenny. It’s kind of scary, actually.” – Max, in the interrogation room. Remember the Max who saw the good in people and the Jenny who sustained Max? RIP, those things. They died long prior to Jenny fell/was pushed/threw herself right into the pool.Max, Tina, Bette, Helena and also Alice room sitting about talking, and also they decision they’re walk to try to comprise with Jenny because that Shane’s sake. They’re walk to perform it that night, at Bette and also Tina’s going far party. There’s really no factor for lock to decision that, various other than since it will add drama when she dies before they have the right to go v with it.Jenny mirrors Kit the video clip she took of Bette appearing to go under on Kelly. I absolutely heard the camera snap as soon as she took out her phone at the time, which means she take it a picture, no a video. But it’s a video clip now, and it’s enough to convince Kit.Shane goes up to the attic, whereby she magically knew Jenny would have actually hidden the jacket v Molly’s letter, and finds it. Then she find the Lez girl negatives. Jenny should most likely have discovered a far better hiding place, if Shane knows about the attic. Why no she just damage the negatives? For the matter, why didn’t she ruin Molly’s letter?The women have actually arrived in ~ Bette and Tina’s home for their going away party. Tina advises them to be careful approximately the railing, because someone reduce a gigantic anvil on it so it isn’t very stable.Kit confronts Bette about the video, and Bette denies the anything happened, since nothing actually happened. Why no Kit acquire Bette to watch the video, therefore Bette deserve to explain around the broken glass? Kit could not think her, however it would at least clear increase the misunderstanding.In the interrogation room, Niki asks because that a lawyer. She told the she’s entitled to one, however the others don’t need one since they trust each other to no say anything that will certainly hurt everyone else. That… doesn’t median they don’t require lawyers. It’s a great idea to have a lawyer present, even if it is you think your friends space going come betray her or not. And again, if this is supposed to be following later the night, why does nobody seem shaken or also upset? they just found the body.Shane reflects Tina the Lez girls negatives in the attic, due to the fact that Shane isn’t so blinded by Jenny that she forgets her commitment to her other friends. Girlfriend know, her genuine friends that don’t framework other girlfriend for their crimes.Bette and also Jenny stand together on the stairs, through the unfinished and unstable railing. Bette tells Jenny the her family way everything come her, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t perform to protect them. Jenny claims she doesn’t want to ache Bette’s family. Bette says she will not abide anyone who endangers her family. This scene it s okay weirder if girlfriend remember that Ilene Chaiken think of Jenny together her younger self and Bette as her older self. They leaving it open-ended as to who eliminated Jenny, and also I don’t really have a theory because Chaiken has said also she doesn’t know, so there’s no actual answer and no allude in speculating. However, they’re setting something up here to do it seem favor Chaiken’s older self can kill her younger self. Anyway, the was Jenny’s critical scene. Her last heat was, “I would never do anything to hurt her family, Bette. I love you, ns love Tina.” Technically she last word was, “Okay,” talked as Bette tells she she doesn’t care whether or no Jenny really thinks she fucked Kelly.Tina goes back to the house, whereby Jenny’s tribute video is playing. Tim is top top the screen, talking around how cool the is that Bette and Tina are relocating to new York, and also how he desire them the best. Tina’s muttering around Jenny: “How might you fucking perform that to me? How could you fucking execute that come me? I’m simply going to put her out of she fucking misery.” One last death threat.Alice tells Shane she going to pardon Jenny, because that Shane’s sake. Shane tells her the she and Jenny space no much longer together.

Alice: I thought you claimed you couldn’t break up with her.

Shane: the was then.

That was prior to she found out that Jenny hid that letter and the negatives. Shane looks devastated. True to it s her to the end, despite (well, true to this element of herself, though many other elements have been completely gutted), she doesn’t gain gossipy. She verified Tina the negatives due to the fact that Tina was the one who took the blame for that, and also has a right to know. But she didn’t repeat the story come Alice.

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Alice asks the interrogation human being what all their questions need to do through who killed Jenny. That’s a damn good question.When I saw the first episode, ns wasn’t sure if Max to be at the party. It turns out that is there; he speak Bette and also Tina that felt his baby kick for the first time. Lock congratulate him, but still don’t sell to adopt it.Here we have actually The together Word’s contrived means of bringing earlier old characters for the finale, for this reason the audience deserve to say goodbye to them in addition to the remainder of the show. Tim currently had his moment in Jenny’s tribute video, but we now see that it has Angus, Ivan (looking fucking hot), Peggy Peabody, Jodi (thanking Bette and also Tina for letting she be component of your lives, which i guess is a sign of closure and forgiveness on her part), Marina, and Carmen. The main cast is watching the video together, and also they save asking where Jenny is. They decision Jenny would want to view Shane’s reaction to Carmen’s video clip (why the fuck would certainly Jenny desire to check out Shane reaction to Carmen?), so Alice states she’s supposed to be her girlfriend on the night, so she’ll go discover her.Alice comes back in, crying too hard to talk yet gesturing for anyone to follow her outside. They every head to the backyard, if Jenny’s voice on the display screen says, “Bye, Bette and Tina. I love friend guys.” i guess the was her real last line.We hear a splash, and also later we see Shane with wet hair, so ns assume Shane traction Jenny native the pool. The cops find Niki lurking approximately in the bushes, and also bring she inside. Niki says she came to talk come Jenny and also tell her to prevent hurting Shane. Tasha mirrors up too, after ~ those twenty-four hrs that Alice gave her to check out things with Jamie, and then come earlier or not come back. “I’m here,” Tasha says, hugging Alice. That sweet.Sargent Duffy/Xena/Diane from Parks and also Rec states she desires everyone to pertained to the police station to type things out. That’s wherein they make the interrogation tapes, which we obtained bits of during this episode, and were exit more completely on Youtube ~ the show. And also of course, I’ll have to re-watch those too. And also comment ~ above them.“You guys readjusted my life. Wow, you yes, really did. And also I’m never gonna forget you, so give thanks to you because that everything. Okay, it is it.” – Okay, that was Jenny’s genuine last line, spoken on the TV display where her video played come the end.