The Last guy on planet Season 2 illustration 17 Review: Smart and Stupid

I"d wondered an ext than once in my past reviews how the display would handle gaining rid that Mike.

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It appeared pretty clear that Mike would certainly not be sticking about for good, provided that Jason Sudeikis has a growing career in film. He"s to be billed as a special guest star all along as well, which seemed to cement the reality that Mike would somehow leaving the group.

This virus course was probably the best option. The would have actually felt disingenuous for Mike to merely up and leave, abandoning what is ostensibly the only community left on earth, because of some non-serious reason prefer Todd"s jealousy and anger. This selfless move managed to carry out a couple of very poignant moments while tho leaving the door open up for Mike"s ultimate return, in ~ some suggest down the road.

After all, Phil could be best – Mike can actually just have a cold. Right?

Yeah, more than likely not; but a girl can hope.

The key storyline transparent "Smart and Stupid" faced Mike developing disease that many of the team (save Phil) believed was a stress, overload of the virus the wiped out humanity. Everyone (save Phil) entered high alert when they uncovered that the cow Mike had been handling earlier dropped dead in ~ hours.

That cow made it through the initial stress, overload of the virus, indicating that it was immune come the virus as with the rest of the survivors, so having actually it die unexpectedly from everything Mike passed along (if that"s indeed what eliminated it) was a really bad sign that probably Mike"s stress, overload of the virus can actually infect each of them.

Phil, predictably, remained in denial, insisting the Mike was just suffering indigenous a cold. Phil went therefore far as to demand the everyone sit around in hazmat suits, with Mike in a quarantine bubble, acting together though every little thing was totally normal.

To their credit, the group did give it a go, playing record Phrase when Mike was in his balloon – at least until Mike ended up being (understandably) unnerved the every clue about a person included the confront that the human being was dead native the virus (or simply "regular dead").

Once the cow was discovered dead, Phil stood approximately the group after castle attempted to eliminate Mike from the house, offering an impassioned and also genuinely heartfelt speech about not abandoning his brother.

This is my brother, OK? My very own flesh and blood. Until two weeks ago, I assumed I had actually lost him forever. What are the chances? The entire world dies, over there are 7 of us, and my brother reflects up. That is no a coincidence. I stated goodbye come him once. Ns am not gonna carry out it again. He has actually a friggin" cold.


Will Forte plays absurd/funny very well, but he"s same wonderful with much more emotional and serious material.

In the middle of this health scare, Mike and also Erica began to grow closer. This make a most sense, offered that (as Erica said) she"s the last single woman ~ above earth. Regardless of being pregnant with one more (dead) man"s child.

Mike and Erica had surprisingly strong chemistry, given that Mike has actually only been about for a grasp of weeks. Your early, pre-first day conversation likewise gave climb to what was easily the funniest moment of this rather somber rate – the disclose of Erica"s an enig past together a felon!

Erica: I acquired a task at the state department.Mike: They hired you with a criminal record?Erica: lock didn"t hire me. They hired Amanda Williams native Cleveland, Ohio. Majored in Political science at The Ohio State University. Walk Pi Phi! go!his Whoo!

There was simply so lot in this conversation the was therefore hilarious. I loved Erica"s manner of explaining her an extremely serious crime (friggin" armed financial institution robbery), shucking responsibility and also acting as if the were every no big deal, simply a finish "armed misunderstanding."

Cleopatra Coleman"s shipment of the false identification she provided to gain employment in ~ the state department to be amazing. Her excitable Ohio sorority girl accent? Perfect.

Probably the greatest part of this whole exchange to be how totally nonchalant Mike was around this reveal. In fact, if anything, he was impressed by Erica"s background, calling her the most amazing woman alive.

Their first and 2nd dates – at a Hibachi restaurant wherein Mike role-played as "Chef Miyagi" and at the home with the plastic wall of a quarantine bubble in between them – were an extremely sweet as well. That kiss to be a nice touch, though i hope the it didn"t injury Erica"s infant (if Mike in reality does have the virus).

Poor Erica! This chick might not possibly have actually worse luck with men. Erica"s brand-new bond through Mike is component of the reason I"m sure they won"t actually death Mike turn off – instead, they"ll have actually him leave to protect everyone rather from his potential virus.

If Mike died, this would certainly be the third death this season, i m sorry is a lot for a comedy – even if the comedy is one offbeat, absurd one prefer The Last man on Earth. And killing off two of Erica"s love interests in ~ a few episodes the one another? That"s a little bit much.

Other subplots in this installment included Todd cultivation angrier and angrier around Phil"s perceived abandonment of the in favor of Mike, and Gail"s efforts to protect against drinking. Both of this subplots have roots going earlier earlier in the season.

Gail has been drinking heavily for a if (heavier since Gordon"s death, and also heavier still since Phil 2"s death), and people had actually been beginning to proactively comment top top it because that a when now. Gail"s potential hallucination that a drone (or a flying pack of hair dryers...) was simply the straw that broke the camel"s back.

With Todd, the seed of his discontent started to sprout throughout The Last man on earth Season 2 illustration 16, once Phil scrapped Todd"s wedding to Carol in donate of Carol conceiving a boy with Mike instead.

He tried to bottle up his rage then, acting out by aggressively break-dancing, but by the moment of "Smart and also Stupid," the was far too furious to store it concealed anymore.

Mel Rodriguez plays anger for this reason well. It"s both believable and silly in ~ once. A few of his outbursts in this installment were an especially funny, favor his unbridled rage after finding out that his previous "bacon brother" Phil had finished turn off the last of the bacon with Mike.

And he to be definitely not having it with any type of of Phil"s jokey nicknames.

Phil: Oh, come on, Todd-ler!Todd: I"m no a toddler! I"m a man.

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Other thoughts:

Carol"s over-the-top pregnancy symptoms and mentions to be so perfect in character and hilarious. We saw her snacking top top pickles, yammering on around "not drinking for two," and also pretending the she was so greatly pregnant the she had trouble moving roughly at a typical speed. Oh, Carol. Nothing far better happen to that baby!Phil going together with Mike"s jokes around the Godfather and also then the reveal that he plainly had never seen the Godfather movie (not knowledge the voice Mike was putting on) was a tiny moment, however a good gag."Dead man who played Newman top top Seinfeld."Was ns the only one tearing up in ~ the visual of Phil was standing in the quarantine bubble reading Mike"s goodbye note as it progressively deflated roughly him? Oh, Phil.

What did friend think the "Smart and Stupid"? What will end up being of Mike Miller? Chime in by leaving a comment listed below and watch The Last male on earth online here at TV Fanatic to record up on any type of episodes you might have missed!