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VAN-sama (Japanese: VAN様) is a respected nickname provided to the Vietnamese American gay porn star/performing artist van Darkholme<1> through the fanatics of wrestling Series.

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His impressive F-word voice in a video got called Fercussion (ファ楽器, Fagakki) as a one-of-a-kind vocal percussion, being typically reused in foolish videos ~ above Nico Nico Douga (NND).


Van Darkholme showed up on NND together the first Asian gibbs in the Wrestling series through a video posted from among the series on April 21st, 2008,<2> which was taken native 1999 American happy porn video clip LORDS that THE LOCKER ROOM. This video soon recorded much attention amongst Wrestling series fanatics because of his eccentric costume and also his impressive F-word cuss.



Mark Wolff: "Hey buddy, ns think you"ve acquired the not correct door, the leather club"s two blocks down."Van Darkholme: "Fuck You!"Mark Wolff: "Oh, fuck you leather man. Maybe you and also I should settle that right right here on the ring if friend think you"re for this reason tough."Van Darkholme: "Oh yeah? I"ll kick your ass!"Mark Wolff: "Ha! Yeah ideal man. Let"s walk! Why don"t you get out of the leather stuff? I"ll strip under out of this and we"ll resolve it right below in the ring. What perform you say?"Van Darkholme: "Yeah, no difficulty buddy!"
Mark Wolff: "You obtained it. Obtain out of the uh, jabroni outfit."Van Darkholme: "Yeah, smartass."Mark Wolff: "I"ll present you who"s the ceo of this gym."

Following this, countless videos featuring his bondage costumes and also fetish play to be uploaded continually. Those videos came to be to the well-known sub-series in Wrestling series named "BONDAGE M
STER", usually dubbed BONM
S for short. In those days, he likewise had another nickname: TDN Kosugi (TDNコスギ)<3> or just TDN. This was because his looks resembled Kazuhito Tadano,<4> that was referred to as TDN in the various other online happy porn phenomena A Midsummer Night"s Lewd Dream and also Japanese American martial arts actor Kane Kosugi<5> for your sensibilities.


His F-word voice is the essential resource for foolish videos in addition to Billy Herrington"s hip Drum, additionally known together Fercussion (ファ楽器, Fagakki),<6> which is a pun for F-word and Percussion (打楽器, Dagakki). Many of Wrestling series videos set his Fercussion into their main subject. Moreover, Darkholme himself gets lot respect from the fanatics through his earnest attitude versus the business and fetishism called in the interview video titled "Interview through the VANpire", which to be uploaded ~ above October 15th, 2009.<7>


Nowadays, the is usually referred to as VAN-sama respectfully together the true seeker the Deep Dark Fantasies.<8> together of July 2012, the lot of videos regarded him in NND is more than 900.<9>

Darkholme"s Response

Darkholme noticed his popular in the MAD video clip fad by a fan letter, and also posted around this to his blog ~ above November 28th, 2009. In the post, he determined the favorite video and seemed to get his popular in Japan favourably though he didin"t recognize why the was dubbed TDN.

I obtained this email and I thought I re-publishing it with you. I had no idea and also it"s for this reason funny. Ns don"t recognize why the Japanese call me TDN. Deserve to you someone describe this come me? Well, i looked at a bunch of them. That takes a lot of time and effort to placed a video clip like this together. I"m flattered. My favorite one is by Keisuke0000000001 "TDN (Van Darkholme) x Evans X Dj Yoshitaka". It has actually pretty much every one of my work. You deserve to see it at the bottom of this page.

dear understand Van,

i"m writing you in the wishes of hearing your thoughts on your recent popularity in Japan. Over there is whole community (some would call it a universe) dedicated to mixing and editing videos you and other pornstars (most notably billy herrington) have starred in. Don"t asking me. This cosmos is known as the Gachimuchi universe. Again, don"t questioning me. You are well-known as TDN in this universe. By currently you can be dizzy through confusion if this revelation isn"t a huge moonlanding to you.

i scoured your site in order to discover something top top this, however sadly there to be nothing. There was a bunch of amazing stuff to check out on your site though. Store it up. You are god.

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here are "some" (lol) instance videos. There are literally thousands of videos favor these on the internet. Listening what you have to think would be exciting for both me and your japanese fans.