A martial arts experienced joins the imperial Guard as a way to speak because that the people yet as he it s okay close through the Prince, the uncovers a royal residence conspiracy.

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In the 25th year of his reign, Emperor HONG HEI is required to abdicate through Prince YUE, FOOK-CHUEN inside the hall of supreme Harmony on the grounds that his accession to the throne is completely illegal. The story dates earlier to year ago…
Annoyed by HO’s arrogance, PO and also his cousin SHEUNG-HEI walk to ambush the Manchurian and also beat him up severely. The complying with day, HO gets hung in the street v a tag roughly his neck analysis “Manchurian Dog”. Time announcer CHUNG has fallen sick, so PO supplies to take it up his project tentatively.
PO, HO and the remainder of the candidates conference at the examination centre because that the recruitment test, which will be invigilated by royal Guard Superintendent PO CHAI. PO manages to with the final, yet is said to have actually failed to finish the designated tasks within a details time frame. Royal Noble Consort MAN-KWAN is busy working on she embroideries, v which she wishes to win the Emperor’s attention and also later his affection.
Knowing that all the selected Han Chinese do have actually some partnership with CHAI, PO and also CHUEN concerned suspect that there may be who behind the scene plotting everything all along. Emperor HONG HEI is surprised once he knows the CHUEN is additionally secretly investigate the cheating incident.
PO believes the the monk, HIN YAN, is just a con man working because that YING. However much to his surprise, YAN keeps explaining to him the buddhist maxims in a familiar manner. CHUEN has actually finally controlled to move the Empress Dowager and is enabled to remain with the Emperor. Discovering that PO is authorized the orientation regimen for the imperial Guard trainees, SHEK and his mates start to stay extra vigilant.
PO is alleged to it is in in organization with CHUN. Although he ends up gift released, a rigorous probe right into his elevator is currently underway. YING is shocked to view the seriously injured CHUN, initially introduced together the child of TONG’s friend, lying inside the firewood shed. TONG arrives with HIN sing to arrest CHUN, who however manages to host YING hostage in ~ seconds.
CHUEN overcome the name of the recently appointed royal Guards come the Emperor, and the Emperor would favor to have actually a meeting with them in one go. KWAN and also LUN go to pick their dress fabrics, during which LUN reveals the she does no seem to have actually experienced any type of sense that intimacy v CHUEN ever because their marriage.
PO is among the an initial batch that Han Chinese to it is in appointed as the imperial Guards, so his friends decision to hold a celebration event party because that him at Sheung Moon House. Discovering that YING has actually reserved the totality restaurant for a personal function, PO pours scorn on her and criticizes her pharmacy because that milking money the end of others.
CHU, together with the Banner officials, urges Emperor HONG HEI to convict MIN, i m sorry puzzles the Emperor quite a bit. The Emperor and also TAK have arrived in ~ the Lantern Depository, wherein they run right into PO and also CHAK and also get to seek shelter from the snowstorm every together. The Emperor is therefore impressed v PO’s talent and also holds that in high regard.
Knowing the MIN is charged through a significant offence, Lady WAI tries come intercede for him through cutting she hair in prior of the Emperor. LUN means to put CHUEN come the test… After giving the royal Guards a lecture, CHUEN announces his decision to choose SIN as Deputy Commander, and to encourage PO to the position of Third-ranked royal Guard.
TONG reveals to YING the the sun Moon society is plot to assassinate the Empress Dowager so as to knock the stuffing out of the Manchurians. SIN discovers a sun Moon Society-related tattoo ~ above the assassinator’s body, which renders CHUEN doubt that there might be miscellaneous to perform with the Empress Dowager’s upcoming visit come the Cloudy Monastery.
YAN finds the end the reality behind the poisoning plot and also manages come prove CHEONG’s innocence. The Empress Dowager asks the Emperor to send her 5th grandson SHEUNG NING, who has actually been stationed in Mongolia for years, ago to Beijing because that a family reunion. SIN has soon cracked the case and also located the mastermind who has actually planned the assassination the CHUEN and the Empress Dowager.
PO is completely clueless regarding why CHEONG has to commit suicide. Looking in ~ his confused face, YAN decides to disclose to him CHEONG’s true identity. Lady WAI has actually a miscarriage, and the imperial physician implies that this may have something to do with KWAN. V no means to prove she innocence, KWAN is left speechless. CHUEN provides to inspection the case, to which the Emperor agrees.
PO tries to patience Lady CHAN down and also finally manages to conserve the girl in the nick that time. PO arranges a meeting between CHUEN and Lady CHAN, throughout which Lady CHAN suddenly gets her sanity back and reveals the the vault Emperor walk promise to happen the throne come CHUEN while still alive.
NING has actually returned to Beijing previously as arranged by CHUEN if Lady CHAN is also summoned to see the Empress Dowager. NING asks the Empress Dowager to enable Lady CHAN, his organic mother, to leaving the palace so the she can enjoy a calm life in her staying days, yet his inquiry is rejected. Surprisingly, CHUEN tries to to convince NING to monitor the Empress Dowager’s instructions.
Lady CHAN loses she sanity again, therefore CHUEN and KWAN shot to calm she down through some hand-shadow tricks. LUN who passes by quickly jumps come the conclusion that they space flirting through each other. PO asks his assistants to stalk TONG if he self is going come probe into YING’s household history. PO reveals come YING the she might be the long-lost Princess TUEN man who was exit by Lady CHAN as a baby.
The Emperor is still puzzled by LUNG’s case. Knowing that LUNG’s subordinate SAK long MUK is in organization with the Empress Dowager, the Emperor urges TAK and also PO to conduct a thoroughly investigation into the incident. PO asks CHUEN if that is trying to suppress his adversaries by sacrifice the great and faithful, and also CHUEN does not deny it.
PO finds YUK really suspicious and also asks to search her, however to no avail. CHUEN is happy to view that KWAN still treasures the handkerchief he provided her. The swears come KWAN that he will recuperate the throne and win ago her heart from the Emperor no issue what. YING summons PO because that a word, during which she tries to drug him in the hope of conserving him indigenous the upcoming explosion.
Knowing the PO is serious hurt, YAN rushes right into the Palace and finally manages come rescue him. The Empress Dowager has actually a exclusive meeting v YAN, throughout which she tries come probe right into his connection with PO. PO is advocated to the article of First-ranked imperial Guard Commander with the title “Imperial Guard equipped with the golden Saber”.
Thrilled through KWAN’s pregnancy, the Emperor urges the royal doctor to watch after her in the best means possible. PO pipeline the day-to-day running of Sheung Moon house to HEI however HEI asks him to resign and also take increase the reins that the household business. Learning that CHUEN is meeting KWAN inside the Palace, LUN is even an ext convinced the they are having actually an affair.
The Empress Dowager decides come execute TONG by slow slicing. To test YING’s loyalty, she requirements the Princess come witness the execution. CHING comes to visit YING and LUN with a an excellent assortment the desserts, and is happy to expose her pregnancy to them. PO confides in YAN inside the monastery, during which the is recommend to get out the the political arena as soon as possible.
PO believes the Lady WAI is killed by someone with powerful kung-fu skills. CHUEN reveals to HAK that he has purposely found a scapegoat for LUN so the she can stay out of the trouble and remain safe. He asks HAK no to return his army power to the Emperor, and also manages to convince his father-in-law come entrust every the troops come him.
PO is wondering if the has become the prime suspect, yet to his good surprise, the Emperor asks the to store a nearby eye on TAK. PO and CHAK come at the town initially proposed together the canal terminus, and are shocked to find that the municipal officials room all being managed by a secret mastermind. YING, CHING and also Lady CHAN get poisoned and also fall unconscious after eat the desserts offered by the Empress Dowager. CHING is later found dead on the spot.
CHU many thanks CHUEN because that his help, and is relieved to watch that TAK is just dismissed and does not have to face any type of further punishment. Feeling guilty for bring about so many civilization to suffer, KWAN decides to kill herself. Prior to committing suicide, she dresses herself together a commoner and also writes CHUEN a letter the goodbye.
PO manages come escape capture and flees with YING. SIN come along and joins CHAI in attack PO. Left through no method out, PO jumps off the cliff. Having found Emperor SHUN ZHI’s will inside the monastery, PO decides to go back to the royal residence to work out the long-running dispute.

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NING and also his troops space all standing by follow me the significant passages causing the royal residence while PO is denouncing the Empress Dowager in front of various ministers. CHUEN insurance claims that the is the only official heir to the throne.