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"The small Girl" is a song written by Harley Allen and also recorded by American country music artist man Michael Montgomery. The song functions harmony vocals by bluegrass musicians Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski, both members that Alison Krauss and Union Station. It to be released in august 2000 as the lead single from the album Brand new Me. The song became Montgomery"s seventh and also last No. 1 fight to day on the Billboard Hot nation Singles & tracks chart, and also his first chart-topper since 1995"s "Sold (The Grundy ar Auction Incident)". The song likewise reached No. 35 top top the Billboard warm 100.more »

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Her parents never ever took the young girl to churchNever speak of his name never ever read she his wordTwo non believers walking shed in this worldTook their baby v them what a sad little girlHer daddy drank all day and mommy did drugsNever want to pat or give kisses and hugsShe"d watched the TV and also sit over there on the couchWhile she mom dropped asleep and her dad went outAnd the drinking and also the fightingJust acquired worse every nightBehind your couch she"d it is in hidingOh what a sad tiny lifeAnd favor it always does the bad just acquired worseWith every slap and also every curseUntil her daddy in a drunk fury one nightUsed a pistol on her mom and also then take it his lifeAnd some people from the city took the girl far awayTo a brand-new Mom and a new DadKisses and also hugs every day!Her first day in ~ Sunday schoolThe teacher walked inand a small little girl stared at a snapshot of himShe stated I recognize that manThere on the cross i don"t understand his nameBut I understand he obtained off"Cause he was there in mine old houseHeld me close come his sideAs ns hid there behind our couch the night my parental died

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man Michael Montgomery man Michael Montgomery (born January 20, 1965, in Danville, Kentucky) is an American nation music artist. He has had more than thirty singles on the Billboard country charts, consisting of two the Billboard’s Number One nation singles that the year: "I Swear" (1994) and "Sold (The Grundy ar Auction Incident)" (1995). Five much more of Montgomery"s singles have reached the optimal of the nation charts: "I Love the means You Love Me", "Be My baby Tonight", "If You"ve obtained Love", "I have the right to Love You choose That", and "The tiny Girl", if thirteen an ext have reached optimal Ten.

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Montgomery"s recordings of "I Swear" and also "I deserve to Love You favor That" were both released concurrently with R&B versions by the team All-4-One. Montgomery has actually released eleven studio albums, consisting of a C… more »