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"The man I desire to Be" is a song written by Brett James and also Tim Nichols, and also recorded through American country music artist chris Young. It was released in November 2009 as the third solitary and title monitor from his album The male I want to it is in (2009). The track is around the singer wanting to readjust who that is to make amends come a former lover. The song received confident reviews from critics who praised Young"s vocal performance and James Stroud"s manufacturing for conserving the bland 2175forals.com. "The man I want to Be" to be Young"s second of five consecutive number-one access time on the Billboard Hot country Songs chart. It likewise peaked at numbers 48 and 81 on both the Billboard hot 100 and Canadian hot 100 respectively. The track was certified Platinum by the RIAA for offering over a million units in the united States. An accompanying music video clip for the song, command by chris Hicky, attributes Young at a bus avoid making a contact to God with a call booth to help him uncover his former girlfriend.more »

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God, I"m down below on mine kneesCause it"s the last location left come fallBeggin" for another chanceIf there"s any type of chance in ~ allThat you can still it is in listenin"Lovin" and also forgivin" men like meI"ve spent my entirety life gettin" it every wrongAnd i sure can use your aid cause from now onI wanna be a great manA "do prefer I should" mani wanna it is in the type of guy the mirror likes come seeI wanna it is in a solid manAnd recognize that i was wrong, manGod I"m questioning you to come readjust meTo the guy I wanna beThere"s anyway because that her and me to make another startCould you check out what you might doTo put some love ago in she heartCause" that going to take a miracleAfter every I"ve done to really do her seeThat ns wanna be a remain manI wanna it is in a good manI wanna it is in the type of guy that she look at in she dreamsGod, ns wanna be her manAnd i wanna be her manGod, I just hope she tho believesIn the man I wanna beWell, I understand this late at night that speak is cheapLord, don"t give up on meI wanna it is in a givin" mani wanna really start livin" manGod, I"m asking you to come adjust meTo the man I wanna be

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kris Young Christopher Alan "Chris" Young (born June 12, 1985) is one American country music artist. In 2006, the was asserted the winner the the television regime Nashville Star, a singing competition i m sorry aired on the USA Network. After ~ winning, he to be signed come RCA records Nashville, publication his self-titled debut album that year. It developed two singles top top Hot country Songs: "Drinkin" Me Lonely" and "You"re Gonna Love Me". A second album, The male I desire to Be, to be released September 1, 2009. It included the singles "Voices", "Gettin" You residence (The black color Dress Song)", and "The male I want to Be", i m sorry all checked out number 1.

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Young"s 3rd album, Neon, developed two much more number ones in "Tomorrow" and "You". An ext »