The network potential energy EN in between two surrounding ions is occasionally represented by the expression


in i m sorry r is the interionic separation and also C, D, and ρ room constants whose values count on the specific material.

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(a) derive an expression for the bonding energy E0 in terms of the equilibrium interionic separation r0 and the constants D and ρ using the complying with procedure:

1. Distinguish EN through respect come r and collection the resulting expression equal to zero.

2. Resolve for C in terms of D, ρ, and r0.

3. Recognize the expression because that E0 by substitution because that C in Equation 2.12.

(b) Derive one more expression because that E0 in terms of r0, C, and also ρ making use of a procedure analogous to the one outlined in component (a).

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EN (2.12) + P.

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