Plan of Cathedral of Saint James. Santiago de Compostela. Galicia, Spain. Cross like, cruciform design. Side aisle expanded into the transept. Ambulatory"s are the next aisles. Meant to enable pilgrims to watch church there is no disrupting the service. Circulation is an extremely important. Radiating chapels are individual chapels v relics. This is one area because that the pilgrims to pray. Mostly gone into through the side. 

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Reconstruction of the Cathedral the Saint James. Westwork towers were provided to emphasize the building and its entrance. Lantern tower is the only resource of light. Darkness to be emphasized. 
Interior the the Cathedral that Saint James. Lantern tower at the top provided as a light source. Barrel vaulted ceiling. Compound piers space multiple columns that are provided to do it more arty and distribute the weight. Really solid interior. The ribs at the optimal is where the bricks walk all the way to the top. Repitition of subdivision. Not simply harmony, yet additive quality. Solid walls and galleries in ~ the top. 
Saint James together a Pilgrim. Limestone. Bones were uncovered at Santiago de Compostela. The is dressed prefer a pilgrim. Lose robe, wade stick v rosary beads, water canteen, scallop shell, and big floppy hat is all iconography that mirrors he is a pilgrim. The scallop shell is the main thing the proves he is a pilgrim top top a journey. 
Reliquary Statue of Saint Foy. Abbey church that Conques, France. Offered as a relic. Stolen and taken come Conques. Publicized theft come prove the it was a actual relic. Pilgrims pray in front of it. Wooded core and also gilded v gold and also stone. Frequently left stones v her since she had actually a call of liking glowing things. The head originates from the sculpture of roman inn emperor. 
The Abbey Church of Natre-Dame, Fontenay, Nave and also Plan. Burgundy, France. The ribs at the peak are pointed and these pointed arches distribute the weight. Develops a connecting link in between Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Symmetry plan, thick walls, sturdy piers, groin vaults, and also a tall central nave. 
Cathedral that St. Mary of the assumption Complex. Pisa, Italy. Local variation. No require for stylistic pilgrimage look. Baptistry is separated from church. This is a high trade city, which mirrors they space wealthy because it prices a lot of to construct this complex. Everything is do of marble, which castle inherited from classical Rome. 
Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption. Rounded arches are Romanesque. Alternative geometric shapes. Pilasters and arcades that columns. Repeating arches. 
The Cathedral the the Virgin & St. Stephen. Speyer, Germany. Inherits Carolingian and Ottonian style. 2 towers marking off the transept. Thick walls and solid brick.
Interior the the Cathedral that the Virgin & St. Stephen. Substantial piers noting off the nave. Moving to groin vaults. Weight goes under to 4 sides. Alternate rythmic pattern. 
Durham Cathedral. Durham, England. Begin of Gothic style. Decorate piers and chevrons. Patterning top top piers. Many patterns, i m sorry is very Norman. Columnar is one huge pattern. Quadripartate vault is prefer groin vault and also has 4 parts. Heavy and thick walls. Tho circulating traffic, but not sending out them all the way to the apse. 
the layout of buildings occurred during the Carolingian and also Ottonian dynasties of early on medieval Europe. The frameworks featured rock vaulted ceilings heavy walls and also piers and little opening for light producing a fortress favor impression. All around site, purpose, and the desire of the patron giving the funding. 

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New function. To wash themselves, idea that travel, forgiveness that sin. Traveled to St. Peter"s Basilica in Rome or St. James the higher in Spain. Throughout a expedition you visit the relics and shrines linked with the site.