A) as soon as he lies down on the ground
B) once he stand on the toes that one foot
C) as soon as he stands through both feet level on the soil
D) every one of the above yield the very same pressure

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1). A male with a dark skin, in comparison v a guy with a white skin, will suffer A). Much less heat and less cold
B). Less warm and much more cold
C). An ext heat and less cold
D). More heat and more cold
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2). I beg your pardon one among the adhering to denotes the smallest temperature? A). 1° ~ above the Celsius scale
B). 1° on the Kelvin scale
C). 1° ~ above the Fahrenheit scale
D). 1° ~ above the Reaumur scale
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3). Which of the following is not required in a atom fission reactor? A). Moderator
B). Coolant
C). Accelerator
D). Regulate device
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4). Magnetism of a bar magnet have the right to be ruined if that is:1) retained in the magnetic meridian.2) placed in a direction opposite the of the Earth"s horizontal intensity. 3) heated come a temperature well-known as Curie temperature.Select the exactly answer making use of the code given below: A). 1 and also 3
B). 2 only
C). 2 and also 3
D). 1, 2 and also 3
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5). Whereby one amongst the complying with mechanism, soap gets rid of dirt (soil) native cloth? A). Soap dissolves the soil as such
B). Soap reacts with soil and converts them into soluble silicates
C). Soap takes far the oily part of the soil and thus the end the floor from the cloth
D). The soap molecule bind with the soil, elevator the soil and also keep that suspended which deserve to then be rinsed away
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6). A pendulum beats much faster than a standard pendulum. In bespeak to bring it to the conventional beat, the length of the pendulum is to be : A). Lessened
B). Boosted
C). Reduced and the massive of the bob boosted
D). Lessened and additionally the mass of the bob reduced
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7). When a delivery floats ~ above water: A). That displaces no water
B). The fixed of water displaced is equal to the fixed of the ship
C). The massive of water displaced is lesser than the fixed of the ship
D). The fixed of water displaced is better than the fixed of the ship
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8). Hydrogen fuel cabinet vehicles create one ofthe following as “exhaust” A). \( \Large NH_3 \)
B). \( \Large CH_4 \)
C). \( \Large H_2O \)
D). \( \Large H_2O_2 \)
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9). The unit of job-related is : A). Joule
B). Newton
C). Watt
D). Dyne
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10). Parsec is the unit of: A). Distance
B). Glowing of light
C). Magnetic force
D). Time
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