148.The major difference between a merchandising and also a manufacturing income statement is the

a.cost of goods sold section.

b.extraordinary article section.

c.operating price section.

d.revenue section.

149.If the complete manufacturing expenses are better than the expense of items manufactured, i beg your pardon of the complying with is correct?

a.Work in procedure Inventory has increased.

b.Finished items Inventory has increased.

c.Work in process Inventory has actually decreased.

d.Finished goods Inventory has decreased.

150.The amount of the straight materials costs, straight labor costs, and manufacturing overhead incurred is the

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a.cost of items manufactured.

b.total manufacturing overhead.

c.total production costs.

d.total expense of job-related in process.

151.The inventory account that present the cost of completed goods on hand and the costs applicable to manufacturing that is just partially perfect are, dong

a.Work in process Inventory and Raw products Inventory.

b.Finished items Inventory and also Raw products Inventory.

c.Finished products Inventory and Work in process Inventory.

d.Raw materials Inventory and Work in process Inventory.

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