Cynthia Bailey wanted to walk all out for she 50th date of birth celebrations on The genuine Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 episode 13. 

That"s why she and also most of her gal pals make their means to Barcelona. Kim Zolciak decided against the event since her husband was not permitted to attend. 

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Kenya Moore decided versus it because, well, she"s a bit everywhere the location right now and tends to obtain herself embroiled in all the drama. 

When the females touched under in Barcelona, they were shocked to find out the ar they were staying was not all set for them come arrive. 

That expected they acquired to walk to a hotel to indulge in part fine dining and talk some smack around their co-stars. 

Shamea wasted no time in acquiring some goodies indigenous Eva aka the newest housewife top top the block. Shamea wanted to recognize what Eva"s friend thought about Eva dating women. 

That"s as soon as Eva snapped. She reiterated that she had actually sexual connections with females, however confirmed she had actually never dated women. 

It to be hilarious and also a little bit out there the Shamea would even carry it up, yet she needed to do a lasting impression on the producers. 


NeNe Leakes then took Cynthia to job for believing she boyfriend, will certainly over Porsha Williams. If you watch The real Housewives the Atlanta online, friend will understand that NeNe and Porsha have been at odds for some time. 

That"s why it was bizarre for NeNe to open up around it and publicly defend one of her sworn enemies. Cynthia shown the reason she walk not think Porsha was due to the fact that she has lied in the past. 

That might be the case, yet there was an ext than simply Porsha there. Cynthia then stooped come a brand-new low as soon as she claimed that Kandi tried come drug and also rape her. 


Porsha to be pissed that everything was being brought earlier up, and also decided to departure the dinner date. There are just so many times your name have the right to be dragged with the mud, that seems. 

NeNe ongoing to shot and stir up some drama in between her and Kim. She brought up the truth that Kim has a knack for promoting her life together perfect. 

She then went on to say that Kim had actually a stroke, heart surgery, and cancer. 

That was enough to do Porsha, Sheree and also Shamea call up Kim from around the people to let her recognize NeNe was trashing she to everyone. 


“She’s f—king scum, and also I won’t even acknowledge it,” Kim said after denying everything. “What she really requirements to worry about is the f—king roaches in she house!”

All appeared to be calm ... Till Kim sent out a scathing text message to the females at the following event. 

“NeNe is sick and also disgusting,” she began. “She stays in a f—king roach nest.” Kim then shared the video clip of the roaches reportedly inside NeNe"s house. 

"F—k Kim, OK?” Nene said. “All of my s—t is brand new!” 


Kim then sent a snapshot of NeNe parked in an obtainable parking spot and NeNe to be mad. 

She referred to as Kim a “disgusting, bald-head bitch.”

Yes, the feud is quiet going on, girlfriend guys!

What did girlfriend think of every the drama?

Sound turn off below. 

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