On The actual Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 episode 8, gossip around Kandi and also Phaedra"s lunch day quickly spread out through the group.

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With potentially alarming, shocking results.


If you watch The real Housewives of Atlanta online, you"ll watch that things began off v a discussion around Cynthia Bailey and boobs.

Specifically, if she needs a brand-new pair.

The doctor shown that her present fake boobs to be A-O-K though, for this reason that"s good ... And more than can be stated for a lot of things.

"She far better stay quite or she"s gonna enjoy the wrath the Mama," Mama Joyce said, referring to Phaedra Parks and her beef through Kandi.

Meanwhile, her daughter Riley revealed that her father, Block Spencer, had referred to as her around going out for a meal and asked Kandi come join.

After some deliberation, she agreed.


While this to be going on, Cynthia"s daughter, Noelle, met up with Peter cutting board for some warm yoga and to talk around the couple"s breakup.

"You"re prefer my 2nd father figure and I believed it to be at the very least worth a call call," she said, introduce to that not reaching out to her.

"It simply kind the hurt. It seems favor nobody cares."

Peter recognized his mistake and things seemed to go better after that, yet the actual drama of this episode was only about to begin.

Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams met up v Phaedra for having lunch to comment on what everyone thought around the totality messy situation. 

Porsha stated some "new information" disturbed her.

According come Williams, Phaedra and Kandi had a discussion in private, the details of i m sorry Kandi common after their relationship soured.


Sheree told Phaedra the Kandi told people that Phaedra wasn"t sad when Apollo Nida went to jail because she was with an additional man.

Yes, already. That"s the rumor going around, anyway.

Phaedra thought Kandi to be being "malicious" and also said that Shamea Morton do the accusation about Phaedra trying come steal her husband?

Why? because Shamea and Kandi to be so close.

Allegedly. Then she just casually occurred to say that Kandi was resting with Shamea ... Yes, she said that and also you read that correctly.

Porsha and Sheree then had lunch through Kandi come reiterate their beef that a malicious Kandi spread an individual s--t about Phaedra.


"I just felt favor it should have actually stayed in that space," Porsha said, with Kandi responding the "she litter the rock and then she hides."

Kandi then claimed Phaedra told Porsha around the guy she to be supposedly seeing prior to Apollo visited jail, but Porsha played dumb.

Later, that rumor pointed out a few minutes previously popped up, as Sheree make a reference to something about Kandi being in a closet.

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Porsha jumped ideal in on that, as if ~ above cue, saying, "She remained in somebody"s closet or still is in one! OK? That"s no one of mine business."

Asking what us were all thinking at home, Sheree paused because that a moment and also asked the camera, "Did you just out Kandi because that being a lesbian?" 


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