Season 31 illustration 8 - The Carny Queen

Dione’s ex-girlfriend provides a surprised visit to the house with revenge versus his former flame, Kailah, on she mind. A shocking accusation by Jenna leads to one emotional and explosive night because that Dean and also Ceejai. Air day : 12th-May-2016

Season 31 illustration 1 - The big Leap

Air date : 17th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 31 episode 2 - If the dress Fits... Wear it

The 2nd mission, dress in drag, is simply for the guys in the house and also has among them doubting if he can go with with it. Dione and also Kailah"s flirtation heats up and takes one unexpected, and wild turn. Air day : 24th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 31 illustration 3 - Disaster down Under

After a scandalous night through male strippers, Jenna clashes with CeeJai over a regretful decision. Dione stirs up significant girl drama after resting with Kailah, when an injury threatens to send one roommate home. Air day : 31st-Mar-2016Read More

Season 31 episode 4 - Unfriended

Jealousy sparks for Kailah as soon as Dione meets one more girl, and a scandalous internet post shocks the entire house leaving one roommate to wonder who she deserve to trust in the house. Air day : 7th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 31 episode 5 - The Leak

Air day : 14th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 31 illustration 6 - take it a Hike

Air day : 21st-Apr-2016Read More

Season 31 illustration 7 - The Tipping allude

After a trip to the gun range, Ceejai struggles to keep her cool once Jenna triggers painful feelings from her past. Dean’s surprise divorce party leader to an awkward hookup in between two roommates, if Sabrina chases her dream. Air date : 28th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 31 episode 8 - The Carny Queen

Dione’s ex-girlfriend makes a surprised visit come the residence with revenge against his former flame, Kailah, on her mind. A shocking accusation by Jenna leads to one emotional and also explosive night because that Dean and also Ceejai. Air day : 12th-May-2016Read More

Season 31 illustration 9 - Shaken and Stirred

A potential eighth roommate, Dylan, shakes increase the whole house! Dylan pursues two female roommates in a juicy love triangle, if the newly-divorced Dean have to flaunt his ingredient on stage at a male piece club. Air day : 12th-May-2016Read More

Season 31 episode 10 - The Hits keep Coming

Air date : 19th-May-2016Read More

Season 31 episode 11 - southerly Shame

Air day : 26th-May-2016Read More

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