"Why perform we think federal governments know just how to produce money? castle don't. George Gilder reflects that money is time, and time is real. The is our ideal guide to our most an essential economic problem." --Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and Palantir technologies "Thirty-five years ago, George Gilder created Wealth and Poverty, the scriptures of the Reagan Revolution. Through The Scandal the Money he may have written the road map to the next huge boom." --Arthur B. Laffer, coauthor that the new York times bestseller one Inquiry right into the Nature and also Causes the the wide range of states "Gilder pushes us to think about the government monopoly on money and makes a solid case versus it. If you believe in economic freedom, you should read this book." --Senator Jim DeMint, president of The Heritage structure As famous economist and new York time bestselling writer George Gilder clues out, “despite multi-billion dollar stimulus packages and also near-zero attention rates, wall surface Street recovers however the economic climate never does.” In his groundbreaking brand-new book, The Scandal of Money, Gilder unveils a radical new explanation for our financial woes. Gilder additionally exposes the corruption of the federal Reserve, Washington power-brokers, and wall Street’s “too-big-to-fail” megabanks, detailing exactly how a tiny cabal of elites have actually manipulated currencies and crises to stifle financial growth and crush the center class. Gilder spares nobody in his devastating strike on politicians’ financial policies. He claims that the Democrats will certainly steer united state to destroy – yet points the end that republic are also woefully misguided on how to salvage our economic future. Through all significant polls showing that voters rank the economic climate as among the optimal three “most essential problems” dealing with the nation, Gilder’s myth-busting, paradigm-shifting recipe for financial growth might not come at a more critical time. In The Scandal of Money, the reader will certainly learn: that is come blame because that the economic crippling the America just how the brand-new titans of wall surface Street value volatility over profitability Why China is winning and we are losing Who the real 1% is and also how they room crushing the middle course The hidden dangers of a cashless culture What Republicans must do to win the economic debate—and what the Democrats space doing to make things worse

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George Gilder, editor in chief of Gilder modern technology Report, is chairman the Gilder posting LLC, located in an excellent Barrington, Massachusetts. A cofounder of exploration Institute, Mr. Gilder is a an elderly fellow that the facility on Wealth, Poverty, and also Morality, and likewise directs Discovery’s program on high modern technology and publicly policy. Gilder is perhaps known best for his 1981 book, Wealth and Poverty, which came to be an immediate classic, truly serving as the supply-side economics scriptures of the Reagan revolution. The book, a new York times bestseller, has actually sold an ext than a million copies because its early stage release. According to a study of presidential speeches, Gilder was President Reagan’s most frequently quoted living author. In 1986, president Reagan offered George Gilder the White home Award because that Entrepreneurial Excellence. His brand-new York time bestseller Knowledge and Power (Regnery, 2013), gift a new theory of economics, based upon the breakthroughs from info theory that allowed the computer change and the increase of the Internet. In a review, Steve Forbes proclaimed that the book “will profoundly and positively reshape economics… will rank as one of the most significant works of ours era.” The publication won the Leonard E. Check out prize in ~ FreedomFest in ras Vegas in 2013. Mr. Gilder is a contributing editor of Forbes magazine and a regular writer because that the Economist, the American Spectator, the Harvard organization Review, the wall surface Street Journal, and other publications. He stays in Tyringham, Massachusetts, in the Berkshire Mountains, where he is an active churchman, sometime runner, and with his wife Nini, parental of four children.

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Prologue: winning the dispute xiChapter 1 The Dream and also the disagreement 1Chapter 2 Justice prior to Growth 17Chapter 3 Friedman and the Enigma the Money 29Chapter 4 The Chinese an obstacle 39Chapter 5 The High cost of negative Money 53Chapter 6 Money in information Theory 61Chapter 7 What Bitcoin deserve to Teach 69Chapter 8 wherein "Hayeks" walk Wrong 77Chapter 9 The Piketty-Turner Thesis 87Chapter 10 Hypertrophy the Finance 97Chapter 11 key Street moved Aside 113Chapter 12 wall Street sell Its spirit 127Chapter 13 A Wrinkle with time 137Chapter 14 Restoring actual Money 149Acknowledgments 165Key Terms for the details Theory of Money 167Notes 175Index 195

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"Why perform we think governments know just how to create money? lock don"t. George Gilder reflects that money is time, and also time is real. That is our best guide to our most an essential economic problem."—Peter Thiel, founder the PayPal and Palantir Technologies"Thirty-five year ago, George Gilder composed Wealth and also Poverty, the holy bible of the Reagan Revolution. V The Scandal of Money that may have actually written the roadway map come the next huge boom."—Arthur B. Laffer, coauthor of the brand-new York time bestseller one Inquiry into the Nature and also Causes the the wide range of States"Gilder pushes united state to think about the government monopoly on money and also makes a solid case versus it. If you think in economic freedom, you should read this book."—Senator Jim DeMint, president of The heritage Foundation"George Gilder’s excellent The Scandal of Money will outlast the commonwealth Reserve."—James Grant, Grant’s Interest rate Observer"Science is prediction, which way economists need to go the way of astrologers. Instead they give each various other Nobel Prizes. Climate George Gilder comes out with one more wonderful book explaining our financial predicament using his details theory. All of sudden it’s clean again what come do."—Bob Metcalfe, college of Texas, inventor the Ethernet"Whether girlfriend agree or disagree with his controversial contact for currencies outside of government regulate (gold, bitcoin), this is one of the many important brand-new books that the year."—Larry Kudlow, CNBC senior Contributor, country syndicated radio host