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together the fire business mourns the lose of Firefighter Richard Sheltra, 20, of Pineville, north Carolina, and while the facts room not at all the end yet-this is an additional general but very poignant reminder of the challenges all of us have when operating in large area, commercial, strip mall, huge box and related form commercial and also industrial structure fires.
In general, for all of us, large(er) area structure firefighting is a significant challenge. Simply a few (of the many) considerations for all of us include...having and knowing the SOG and training on the SOG. Utilizing pre-plans enroute or top top arrival and sizing it up. What"s the smoke doing?
those the construction type? What"s on the roof? those it made of? perform we know the contents of the structure? How around occupants/search/rescue? Is the fire offensive? defensive? Why?If offensive, what"s the find procedure? ~ above a water tap line? on a rope? space you able to carry out a search? do you have the needed resources? mental the challenges related come crew verity and company officer accountability? What about air (SCBA) management...how much (and time) to obtain in and also how far (and time) to get out? those the access, fire location (where is the fire?) fire development (where was the fire and also where is it going to be soon?), ...how around auxiliary appliances (sprinklers? standpipes?) What is the prompt responding first alarm staffing? What around command staff? What sources are needed? What will certainly be essential in 5, 10, 15 or an ext minutes?
So countless of united state are offered to generally operating in the solitary or multi family members dwelling fire-with that challenges, yet the huge area framework is one entirely various fire. Ns t"s truly a high risk/low frequency event-which way while that doesn"t happen often, once it does, there are countless ways for united state to obtain into trouble.

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we took time this morning to pull some web links (articles and videos) to share with you on The an enig List...and while we all pray for the family of the Pineville Firefighter Richard Sheltra together with his Brother and also Sister PFD, CFD and also area Firefighters and friends, and also we await the facts, ...there is lot to acquire in remind ourselves-and cultivate ourselves (all ranks from those ~ above the line to those in command) top top thechallengesof huge area advertisement fires.