The Sinking City starts v a solitary murder case, however it evolves right into something much, lot bigger. In ~ the finish of the game and Charles Reed’s investigation right into Oakmont, he gets to make a decision that affects the whole world. This overview covers the finish of the game and also the three choices Charles can pick from.

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Into the Depths

To get to the ending, you have to progress the story till you gain the “Into the Depths” case. This is The Sinking City’s final case, and you won’t have the ability to return come the city after that ends.

You’ll need to collect three parts of the seal, referred to as Kayfingers, and also then take trip to Cthygonnaar, the surprise temple beneath the city. Till you head come the temple, the city is still open to you; after friend head underwater, you’re locked out.

Frogwares/Bigben interaction via when you have all 3 Kayfingers, walk to St. Michael’s Church in main Advent, and also use the seal to head underwater. Monitor the path, and then store walking v Reed’s nightmare-filled walk under memory lane. As soon as you get to the end, you’ll view a huge statue. Now you need to make your decision.

How to choose an ending

You have three choices at this point. It does not issue what conclusions girlfriend have attracted in her Mind Palace. You’ll decide the fate the the city (and the world) through which means you walk and also which pedestal friend use here in the concealed temple.

There is a pedestal ahead of you, one come the left, and also one to the right.

It’s no clear as you’re standing there the you also have many options, allow alone i m sorry pedestal go what. If you usage the first pedestal — the one in the center, just ahead that you together you to walk in — you’ll select to relax the hidden Daughter (annihilation). If you revolve left, you’ll choose to restart the cycle and also keep the concealed Daughter locked up. If you rotate right, you’ll choose not to decide.

Below, we’ll go into a little more detail around each option.

Annihilation (center)

Frogwares/Bigben interaction via Walk right forward come the an initial pedestal you view ahead that you. Place the seal, and also then item together the 2 flashes of memory (the one by the cut down is first). You’ll check out a quick cutscene of Charles’ and the town’s fate together the covert Daughter is freed. It’s about as happy as you’d expect. This is arguably the poor ending.

No an option (right)

Frogwares/Bigben interactive via from the center pedestal, rotate right and also head through the door in the rock. A little means down the tunnel, you will do it come to an additional pedestal. Use this one, and also piece the memories with each other again. This finishing shows Charles a couple of years later on in Boston after ~ deciding not to take part in the Cycle. An old friend mirrors up just as the same unnatural flooding from Oakmont will Reed in Boston.

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Sacrifice (left)

Frogwares/Bigben interactive via turn left native the facility pedestal this time. There’s an additional pedestal surrounding at the sheet of a cliff. Use this pedestal and also link the two memories. This ending restarts the Cycle, presumably conserving the city and everyone in that (and everyone on Earth, really) — because that now, in ~ least. Nobody of these room happy endings, but this most likely the ideal ending.