Sabrina GomezArt 2Ledgerwood31 march 2014Art ReportThe two works the art ns am writing around are Henri Matisse’s “The Sorrows the the King” 1952 and also “Le Bonheur de vivre” 1905-06. Both of this works space made my Henri Matieese. Matieese supplied all spectrum of colour in both this artworks. That is obvious to watch the human being painted in Le Bonheur de vivre, however not as easy to check out what object is in the paint The woe of the King. This file will evaluation Matisse’s decision and choices. In addition to my very own assumption. Matisse was best known for his interiors and the beat of artificial light on daily objects.Henri Matisse to be a 20th century French artist recognized for his use of color and his vivid imagery. That is well-known as among the master of contemporary art. He was the leader that the four yearlong activity “French fauvism.” The Sorrows the the King is a collage which is an example of his so late phase of record cut-out prints. It to be made from paper he had colored with gouache paint and also is attached on canvas. The Sorrows that the King, is an example of Matisse's last body that works known as the cutouts. It was made in Pompidou Centre, Paris.Matisse show’s self in the central black form, together if he self is sit in one armchair, surrounded by a good life. He has a number of repeated themes indigenous his life. The yellow petals fluttering away have the relocate of music symbolization, while the environment-friendly symbolizes the position, when the dancer displayed female body and also seriousness. His standard was pre-painted sheets of reduced paper, i beg your pardon was obtained from cubism.Le Bonheur de vivre equates to "The pleasure of Life." In the central background the Matisse’s piece is a group of figures that is similar to the team in his painting “The Dance.” In the pictur...... Center of file ...... The line quality in Matisse’s illustrations were flowing. You have the right to tell in his works his outlines to be well believed out in addition to the contouring, hatching, and cross hatching. The level of information in Henri Matisse’s job-related was astonishing. All colors that used functioned well together.Works Cited"Inside Matisse Cutouts." Art finding out Center. The finish Matisse, 20 Aug. 2006. Web. 13Mar. 2014.Lazzari, Margaret R., and Dona Schlesier. Exploring Art: A Global, object Approach. Boston,MA: Wadsworth / Cengage Learning, 2012. Print."Le Bonheur De Vivre, also Called The joy of Life." The Barnes Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 13Mar. 2014."Sorrow that the King by Henri Matisse." great Life Retreats. N.p., 20 Feb. 2013. Web. 13 Mar.2014."Sketch for Le Bonheur De Vivre (The happiness of Life)." san Francisco Museum of ModernArt. SFMOMA on the Go, 6 Oct. 2008. Web.

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