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Presented 1788 to Benjamin West <1738-1820>, London;<1> (his legacy sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 1 July 1820 and also following job , no. 97, bought in); (his family"s sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 18-19 march 1898, second day, no. 149, together The Siege and also Relief the Gibraltar by J.S. Copley);<2> Murray, probably for william Cleverley Alexander <1840-1916>, London.<3> W.A. Liston, Plymouth, England. (Hammer Galleries, new York); to buy 1966 by the Corcoran gallery of Art, Washington; obtained 2014 through the nationwide Gallery that Art.

<1> The British owners (West, Alexander, Murray, and Liston) are listed either top top the Hammer Galleries invoice for the painting, or on assorted Corcoran documents, every in curatorial files. John Trumbull"s Notebook of Paintings records the following: "Sortie indigenous Gibraltar, a tiny Study to speak 14 by 20 Inches. Provided to Mr. West & hung by him in a Room wherein it scarcely ever been checked out since. --when well-known it will discover its just level.--finished in 1787" (quoted in Theodore Sizer, "An Early examine List of the paints of man Trumbull," Yale college Library Gazette 22, no. 4 : 9). See also the letter of 31 may 1788, john Trumbull to Mr. And Mrs. Benjamin West, Trumbull-Silliman Letters, Connecticut historical Society, Hartford, quoted by Irma B. Jaffe, John Trumbull, Boston, 1975: 321. The Hammer Galleries invoice argues that ownership of the paint passed from West to john Singleton Copley (1738-1815), but this is doubtful, specifically since the painting shows up to have actually remained in the West family until the 1898 sale. The confusion might have occurred because the painting was attributed come Copley in the 1898 revenue catalogue (see keep in mind 2).

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<2> an incomplete label, previously on the painting"s stretcher and now in curatorial files, records info referencing this sale.

associated Names Alexander, william Cleverley Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd. Corcoran collection of art Hammer Galleries Liston, W. A. West, Benjamin
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Bibliography 2011 Cash, Sarah, ed. Corcoran collection of Art: American paintings to 1945. Washington, 2011: 320, repro.
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