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With a new season underway and also fall releases coming up, Funimation is busy through the English dubs these days. This week, they"ve revealed the cast ofThe testimony of Sister brand-new Devil,coming to home video on Halloween, plus more of their summer SimulDub titles.

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The testimony of Sister brand-new Devil

Season 1 hittingBlu-ray and also DVDon Halloween (10/31)

Synopsis:When a pair the sexy girls, Maria and Mio, concerned live through high school student Basara Tojo, his life changes forever. The 2 girls have actually a an enig that castle don’t keep for long-Maria is a succubus, and Mio is a future Demon Lord. But Basara has a an enig of his own-he’s the last descendant from a clan of demon-fighting heroes. They come up with an imaginative ways to solve their differences.

Basara ToujouChris Hackney
Mio NaruseLauren Landa
Maria NaruseKira Buckland
Yuki NonakaXanthe Huynh
Kurumi NonakaCindy Robinson
Chisato HasegawaWendee Lee
ZestJeannie Howard
Yahiro Takigawa/LarsRay Chase
Jin ToujouKirk Thornton
Young BasaraWendee Lee
Mamoru SakazakiHarvey Manfrenjensen
Kyoichi ShibaBrian Beacock
Takashi HayaseTodd Haberkorn
Mio’s MotherWendee Lee
Mio’s FatherTodd Haberkorn
ValgaGeorge C. Cole
ZolgearKyle Hebert
LeohartKyle McCarley
ShellaCarrie Keranen
ADR DirectorWendee Lee



New SimulDub episodes, Fridays

After going come sleep choose normal, Haruto Tsukishiro wakes up to find something unbelievable—he’sstuck in dream world! Here, witches torment the dreamscape and also are much more than dreamyfigments—they’rethe trapped souls the young women who’ve garbage reality and also are afflicted by the “Sleeping BeautySyndrome.” as he searches because that a means out, Haruto will confront the witches and their terrifying powers.

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EgosSarah Wiedenheft
HarutoRicco Fajardo
KanzakiJ. Michael Tatum
LilyAlexis Tipton
KayoJeanie Tirado
ADR DirectorSonny Strait
ADR EngineerBrandon Peters

Restaurant to another World

New SimulDub episodes,Wednesdays

Step right into a restaurant wherein the regulars space anything yet normal! This tiny spot in the center of the cityhas faithfully offered Western cuisine for decades, but the humble salarymen and women who visit on theweekdays aren’t their only customers. As soon as Saturday roll around and also a distinct bell rings, the restaurantopens its doors come much an ext unusual guests.

MasterChristopher R Sabat
AlettaJill Harris
Red QueenStephanie Young
ArtoriusCharlie Campbell
TatsugoroJohn Swasey
AlphonseJeremy Schwartz
Episode 1
LionelJeremy Inman
GaganpoTyson Rinehart
BalrogCris George
GrandpaBradley Campbell
Episode 2
SarahCaitlin Glass
HeinrichJ. Michael Tatum
ADR DirectorAlexis Tipton
ADR EngineerDeryk Elkins
WriterJamie Marchi
Mixing EngineerGino Palencia


New SimulDub episodes, Mondays

At last, they’ve reachedthe end of their long and treacherous journey! The Sanzo partyfinally arrives in India, aland wherein the anomaly’s influence runs rampant. The battlesthat lie front promise more bloodshed and also danger, however Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo andHakkai need to rise to save the world and also stop the resurrection of the Ox Demon King,Gyumaoh—no issue the cost!

GokuGreg Ayers
SanzoDavid Matranga
GojyoIan Sinclair
HakkaiMicah Solusod
TamaroJustin Briner
Tamaro’s FatherKyle Phillips
ReiJulie Sheilds
NarratorBruce Carey
Episode 1
TalcheMonica Rial
SaitaisaiAaron Roberts
Episode 2
KougaijiVic Mignogna
DokugakujiJosh Grelle
Lady GyokumenMorgan Garret


Knight’s & Magic

*Premiere:7/30! new SimulDub episodes, Sundays

Ernesti, a talented programmer and also mecha fan in his previous life, is reincarnated right into a fantasy worldwhere humanoid tools exist. Because he still has all his memories and also interests from his ahead life, heaims to end up being the pilot of one of these weapons. Together with his friends, that sets out to make ithappen. It’s a mecha otaku’s dream come true!

ErnestiJustin Briner
AdeltrudJeannie Tirado
ArchidStephen Fu
KurataEric Vale
Ernesti (Child)Alexis Tipton
BatsonRyan Reynolds
Selestina/NarratorRachel Messer
StefaniaTia Ballard
EdgarChris Wehkamp
DietrichJosh Grelle
HelviMorgan Garrett
MathiusAaron Roberts
LauriJohn Swasey
ADR DirectorAnthony Bowling
ADR EngineerXavier Earl
Script WriterJosh Grelle
Mixing EngineerNeal Malley